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ZoidPay launches the first shopping pool auction, offering crypto users the opportunity to own a web 3.0 digital bank

Crypto liquidity platform and Chrome extension Zoidpay is launching a shopping pool auction that will allow users to have their own web 3.0 digital bank.

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October 5, 2022 9:00 am EDT

ZoidPay has announced the auction of 50 shopping pools that the company will start on October 12th. ZoidPay is a leading crypto liquidity platform that enables instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant, and this auction will aim to drive further adoption of its web 3.0 financial services. The shopping pools have already attracted a lot of interest, with the last two sales rounds selling out in around 24 hours.

Own a web 3.0 digital bank

Combining elements of Blockchain, eCommerce and DeFi, Shopping Pools will be the backbone of the transition to Web 3.0 financial services. A shopping pool allows one to own a safe and secure business that holds the key to potentially unlimited passive income.

Shopping pools are similar to traditional staking pools, allowing multiple stakeholders to combine their resources to improve their reward prospects. This is not the first time that ZoidPay brings innovative concepts to Web 3.0. Recently, ZoidPay also introduced a feature that allows users to stake their NFTs to increase returns.

The advantages of a shopping pool

A shopping pool allows one to own a Web 3.0 digital bank while providing a high-yield staking model. In the traditional sense, a shopping pool acts as a hub for ordinary users who want to use ZPAY.

Pool owners and participants can benefit from exclusive offers and discounts at over 100 million retailers worldwide with the ZoidPay Chrome extension. The larger the pool, the higher the potential sales through shopping, giving owners a worthwhile revenue stream from every transaction.

$ZPAY staking

$ZPAY is ZoidPay’s native platform token that offers passive income through staking and other benefits through upcoming DeFi offerings such as ZoidPay Loans, Buy Now, Pay Later and more. By staking tokens in a shopping pool, participants can earn an annualized percentage return (APY) of up to 27%. There are options for shorter durations of one month, three months and six months.

Purchasing Pool Requirements and Rewards

Anyone who owns a shopping pool needs a deposit of at least 100,000 ZPAY tokens. The Shopping Pools were designed to create the next generation of crypto entrepreneurs. This deposit will be wagered for a minimum of one year while getting an APY of 15% back.

All ZPAY deposited for owning a shopping pool will earn at least 15% APY, with staking rewards paid out every 30 minutes. Pool owners can also use the Zoidster NFTs collection to increase their APY by up to 30%.

The first 200 shopping pools were sold in just over 24 hours, only 1000 shopping pools will be available in total. The current auction of 50 shopping pools starts on October 12th. The shopping pools are awarded to the 50 users with the highest bids. Anyone interested can find out more by visiting the Shopping Pools auction page.

About ZoidPay

ZoidPay is the open architecture of choice for building the next generation of Web 3.0 financial services. It is a one-stop crypto liquidity solution provider that enables instant card issuance for purchases from any merchant at the lowest fees. For B2B customers, ZoidPay provides fully supported APIs and SDKs for developers and financial companies looking to build the next generation of Web 3.0 financial services.

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