YouTuber’s Fish Reveals Credit Card Details During Pokemon Live Stream

A YouTuber’s fish commits credit card fraud during a live stream of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while viewers beg the fish to stop.

An unfortunate YouTuber’s credit card details were leaked during a streaming session Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from their own fish. The YouTuber often streams games played by his fish and didn’t anticipate such misfortune during their time Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Electricity.

With so many streamers to choose from the latest releases and cult classics, there’s been a bigger urge lately for streamers to have a personal gimmick, be it with one guitar hero hitting controllers Dark Soulsdress up as the character of the game being played or even use brain activation commands to play elden ring. So the concept of fish streaming Pokemon doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it might have been a few years ago. However, that Pisces cheat on their owner is still quite unexpected.


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That’s exactly what happened to Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru, who streams regularly Pok√©mon games as played by his fish. In fact, it was Mutekimaru’s fish that found an error Pokemon Sapphire Almost 18 years after publication. Mutekimaru’s Fish Strike Pokemon Sapphire the same year the breakdown was found. Needless to say, the YouTuber is quite experienced at this type of stream, so left the fish to keep playing Pokemon unattended for a while.

A mistake in the Pokemon However, title caused the game to crash on the switch home screen and from there the fish accessed the eShop to accidentally commit the crime. On the way to access the eShop, the fish also changed the profile name from Mutekimaru to “RowawawaYen”. Upon entering the eShop, viewers tried to warn the streamer by spamming messages like “Stop!” and “this is dangerous!” Unfortunately, Mutekimaru was unable to see this news and the fish proceeded to reveal the streamer’s bank details to the audience. While glitches were common, this one was pretty serious and not as funny as one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Glitch causing Kingambit to spiral out of control, which is more in line with typical glitches for the game.

The fish debited the account 500 yen, downloaded the N64 emulator and used some coins to buy one Nintendo Switch Sports cosmetics. Mutekimaru was able to get a refund from Nintendo after explaining the situation, which must have sounded a bit fishy. While Nintendo games are usually of very high quality and are known for solid gameplay, lately there have been more bugs than Nintendo is even aware of Engage Fire Emblem Relay attempts failed. Hopefully the future edition of Nintendo will at least be fish safe.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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