YouTuber Dr. Disrespect previews Deaddrop gameplay to thousands of viewers

Gamers hate NFTs you say? Not in the world of Deaddrop.

Popular YouTube streamer and former pro esports athlete Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beam opened his own game studio midnight company back in 2021 with plans to create a top-notch first-person shooter. Plans for his first game, Deaddrop, caused a stir among crypto haters as the Midnight Society released 10,000 as an option polygon NFTs called “founder passports‘ for last year’s unreleased game.

Now in its pre-alpha phase, “Deadrop” was rocked by esports stars like Dr. Lupo publicly tested with much fanfare. scumZlaner and other professional players.

The three-hour event took place at Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas and had a sizeable crowd, with a content creator in attendance. Toptold decrypt that “about 500 people” were at the event and a long queue get in.

In addition to the IRL audience, Dr. Disrespect’s live stream of the event approximately 22,000 concurrent viewers and Scumps stream of the event 10,000 concurrent viewers. All in all, that’s a huge audience for a game that offers players NFTs.

Opt-in NFTs

For those affected, Doc’s NFTs don’t seem to bother or alter gameplay at all. In fact, the 10,000 Founder Pass NFTs appear to function more as tickets to a member club, granting holders a unique PFP that can be worn in game, voting rights on game assets, access to Midnight Society events, priority on merch, access to game builds, and other perks. The current minimum price for a Founder’s Pass is 0.4 ETH, which is about $726.

playing style

During pre-alpha gameplay testing, Midnight Society co-founder and former Halo developer Quinn DelHoyo explained that Deaddrop is not only person-versus-person (PVP), but also a core person-versus-environment element has ( PVE). This combo is often referred to in gaming as PVPVE, which, while a powerful acronym, accurately describes the gaming experience that’s all about taking out other players while also slowly progressing to an extraction point before a deadly freeze sets in .

“There’s a whole 720 degrees of carnage,” DelHoyo told the crowd about the game’s vertical challenges.

Its PVPVE nature makes Deaddrop a bit like other PVP battle royales Call of Duty: Warzone or Apex Legends, but Deaddrop has a uniquely retro aesthetic. While the developers of Midnight Society reminded viewers that all of the landscapes in the game were still in a very early, unfinished stage, they also expressed a desire to create a world permanently set in the 1980s and 1990s – a Aesthetic to match Doc’s eccentric personality.

Image: YouTube/Midnight Society

One element of Deaddrop that makes it relatively unique compared to other shooters is the fact that “teaming” is allowed and even encouraged by the developers. Teaming is when multiple players in the game form groups and agree not to kill each other even though they could, reaping great rewards. However, teaming in Deaddrop has its own issues, such as: B. accidentally Shoot your friends or confronting the ramifications of betrayal.

Some online viewers were upset that Deaddrop charged players who didn’t own its NFTs $25 to test out its pre-alpha game. With that in mind, this confusion is understandable to a certain extent Midnight Society website states that “Deadrop” is “free to play”. A player has also reported frame rate Problems with the game being developed in Unreal Engine 5 with ray tracing.

While Twitter users were arguing about whether Doc “obsessed‘ with NFTs, and others claimed the Midnight Society team was ‘strongly focused on NFTs,” the reviled acronym was not used on stage at Friday night’s event.

Instead, the focus remained on showcasing the new gameplay features to the crowd.


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