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YouTube, Netflix and Google top list of Gen Z favorite brands, data show

By Weston Blasi

YouTube has the highest popularity for Gen Z of all brands at 86%

Meet Gen Z, video streaming and candy lovers.

According to new data from Morning Consult, Gen Z’s favorite brands are mostly US tech giants. YouTube has the highest Gen Z likeability of any brand at 86%, followed by Google (GOOGL) at 83%, Netflix (NFLX) at 82%, Amazon (AMZN) at 80% and M&M’s at 79%.

Other top Gen Z brands born roughly between 1995 and 2010 include Gatorade, Dollar Tree (DLTR), Pixar (DIS), Skittles and Apple (AAPL).

The report reveals that many of these brands also have fairly similar popularity ratings among the general US adult population, but which brands stand out especially for Gen Z?

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Compared to the rest of the American population, Gen Z’s favorite brands revolve around social media and social communication. TikTok, Discord, Snapchat (SNAP), Instagram and Cash App are the top 5 brands for the age group in terms of advantage difference compared to the rest of the population.

Much of the convenience data aligns with Piper Sandler’s semi-annual survey of what teens spend money and time on. Of course, Gen Z isn’t a perfect teen analogue since Gen Z has a wider age range, but many of the brands including Shein, Snapchat, and TikTok are present in both datasets.

The Morning Consult survey data was collected between May and August 2022 and included responses from 16,053 Gen Z adults born between 1997 and 2004.

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The data comes as billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban recently said he believes Gen Z will perish as the “greatest generation” because of their focus on mental health and work-life balance.

Cuban applauded Gen Z for prioritizing their “mental balance,” saying, “Organizations need to understand this more and more as time goes on. Not just for how you treat your employees, but what your customers expect as well.”

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He went on to describe the baby boomers, his generation, as “disappointing.”

– Weston Blasi


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