Your thoughts on Hearts’ loss to Celtic

We asked your opinion on Hearts’ 2-0 home loss to Celtic on Sunday.

Here are some of your thoughts:

Cam: Hearts started strong, missing at least a point in a shock red card decision.

Jan: Poor defense against Alex Cochrane and no shots on target. Third place out of reach, now battling for fourth and fifth with Hibs. Bad season and I would like a new manager from outside the club. Need defenders who can defend for next season.

Anonymous: Excellent performance ruined by red card. Completely spineless decision by Nick Walsh – he had a better view of the pitch than the VAR cameras. It’s there to help, but Walsh was just hiding behind someone else’s point of view. We need to sort VAR next season.

W Fleming: War in the game and Hearts were very good, but the officials weren’t. Because of this, most fans of other clubs agree that Rangers and Celtic are favoured.

Stefan: There seems to be a lot of debate as to whether or not Cochrane’s challenge was a red card. The fact that it’s up for debate proves it wasn’t a clear or obvious red card so VAR shouldn’t have intervened. War was in the game and Hearts have outplayed Celtic to this point which clearly affected the game.

Anonymous: Hearts with a great game plan that leaves Celtic no time to breathe. Until a bad referee decision reduced us to 10 men. What was disappointing was the decision to retire to their own half after the game restarted. I would have preferred if we left Shankland behind and left Ginnelly alone up front and we kept pushing.

Paul: Improvement, but still work to be done. Never a red card, referee decisions must be consistent and always seem to favor Old Firm! Squad plays for each other which is good to see. McKay is getting back in shape. Must win all remaining games at home and get four points away.

Wilhelm: VAR spoiled a fairly even match. Never a red card incident. shards.


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