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You’ll want to dive straight into this pink checkered pool | Architecture Digest

It was important that the tile chosen for the pool matched Sam’s taste well as it became the focal point of the backyard area. From the beginning it was clear that fireclay tiles were the right choice. The brand gave her the tile for the project, but Sam insists she’s been impressed with her work since using their products for her kitchen splashback.

AFTER: An outdoor shower is hidden in the corner.

AFTER: The colorful and shapely furniture contributes to the overall impression.

Ever since Sam grew up in Southern California, people assume she’s used to having her own pool. But it’s actually a highly anticipated first. “I have always loved swimming and [a pool has] has always been one of those things that my husband and I said we wanted, but we also saw it as totally out of reach or not possible,” she says. Sam and her husband’s longing for their own outdoor oasis was a long-standing dream. “When we moved into our house, we had a nice little garden. There were some plants and a dead tree in the middle of the yard… but I don’t think we really thought we could ever add a pool.”

While Swimply has helped ease the couple’s swimming fever during hot summers in recent years, their backyard has remained largely untouched aside from seating and a BBQ. Now that she’s worked with a landscaper to design a perfectly pastel-colored garden, taking care of the backyard feels less intimidating and more like an extension of her interest in indoors.

AFTER: The cabana’s arched opening contributed so much to the final makeover of the backyard.

AFTER: Other tiled elements connect the interior of the pool house with the pool itself.

Just as everything was starting to come together this spring with the backyard pool and landscaping, the couple decided to incorporate a last-minute addition: a cabana. Luckily, her detached garage was in the backyard, making the process relatively easy. They knocked out one of the stucco walls and replaced it with a large arched entrance. Then pink curtains were added to seamlessly connect the two areas.

Finding the best way to accessorize the space was easy as Sam has already mastered how to bring out the energy and playfulness of her well decorated interior. Sam added some whimsical pool floaties and repurposed colorful bath mats to complete the look of her garden. We can tell that she’s already making it clear that her decorating skills are just as strong in the great outdoors.

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