You only have a few days to get the best FPS of the decade for under $3

Ego shooter are arguably the most popular video game genre there is. Sure, battle royales can be fun, but FPS games rarely invest more in interesting stories. But then there is titan fall 2. from Apex Legends developer respawn, titan fall 2 not only has some of the best moves in a video game, it also has the best story in any FPS of the last decade. To play titan fall 2 for the first time is a priceless experience, but until February 2nd you only have to pay $2.99 ​​on Steam.

friends system – Despite being a multiplayer-only game sequel and amidst conversations about whether or not FPS games need campaigns at all, titan fall 2 still has a single player story. What’s even more shocking is that it’s not just a boring repeat of the same gung ho fight stories call of Duty told for years. Instead, the story is a gripping sci-fi action thriller that flies by at breakneck speed.


Players take on the role of Jack Cooper, an ordinary soldier who finds himself on the front lines of a conflict after his superior officer dies and Jack must become a pilot – but not an airplane. Pilots in this universe pilot giant mechs called Titans (hence the name titanium fall).

While the sci-fi lingo and race to a devoured MacGuffin aren’t as inventive, the game runs for six hours. But at the heart of the story, and what makes the campaign so compelling, is Jack’s relationship with the Titan BT.

Like the best movies about great human conflicts, titan fall 2 is really just a story about having a few close friends and the bonds that cut through the trauma that armed conflict induces. Yes, BT is a giant robot that you get into so you can fight other giant robots, but he’s also your only friend and loyal companion. This relationship works so well that titan fall 2 can produce some big emotional moments in the later chapters.

flow state — the titan fall 2 The story is a thrill, but the game still offers the unparalleled joy of being able to pilot a giant robot and beating other giant robots into absolute shit. But even more impressive is how titan fall 2 makes combat just as good, if not better, outside of Titan.


titan fall 2The most memorable moments of happen outside of BT when you are in sole control of Jack and must master the game’s fast-paced platform shooter combat. While the time-travelling Effects and Cause chapter is perhaps the most iconic, most of the game’s chapters equally showcase the joy of being just a human, capable of wall-walking and double-jumping.

The game itself is so confident in the fight of being just Jack that the only way you can play in the final chapter of the game is that way. You lose the ability to jump into a Titan, leaving you with just a pistol with the autolock activated and a giant maze full of enemies to traverse.

What makes the gameplay so entertaining is that it makes the player prioritize speed and movement as much as shooting enemies. This creates a flow state in which entire levels can pass without much thought on the part of the player. You don’t have time to think, you just do it. For anyone who is a fan of the addictive loop of neon white, titan fall 2 will feel very familiar.

If you’re a fan of first-person shooters but aren’t too keen on how early you get eliminated in battle royales, titan fall 2 is the perfect solution thanks to its fast-paced but packed single-player campaign that still hasn’t been surpassed. And if Apex Legends happens to be your favorite battle royale, then you know the game is set in the same sci-fi universe as that titanium fall games!

titan fall 2 is currently $2.99 ​​on Steam through February 2nd. It is also available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles and Xbox Game Pass.


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