xQc fiddles with an awesome Minecraft speedrun by crafting more than a dozen golden helmets

Published: 2023-05-06T14:28:27

updated: 2023-05-06T14:28:37

xQc is in the middle of a challenge to beat fellow Twitch streamer Forsen’s Minecraft speedrunning record, but his latest run ended in a rather hilarious error.

Minecraft “any%” remains one of the most popular speedrunning categories for both newcomers to the scene and its veterans.

All thanks to the easy entry into the game, with more than ample space for expressing skills and mastering the game mechanics once you’ve become an expert at the speedrun.

The xQc and Forsen communities started a bitter rivalry between the two developers years ago, goading them to take on each other’s speedrunning record for Minecraft.

In January 2023, xQc finally beat Forsen’s record after two years of trying, but Forsen clapped back by shooting two whole minutes off it two months later.

xQc has since worked to beat Forsen’s time, with a few tight decisions along the way. But tragedy struck when his last promising run ended when xQc accidentally crafted 16 gold helmets and used up all the gold bars he needed to continue.

xQc’s misclick costs him a promising Minecraft speedrun

xQc made it to the Nether in an impressive time, preparing for the step in a typical Minecraft speedrun that requires large amounts of gold bars. Both String and Ender Beads are required to complete the typical Minecraft speedrun, and both are random drops from trading gold with Piglins.

Piglins are hostile to the player unless they are wearing at least one piece of gold armor, so speedrunners tend to craft a gold helmet and wear it to avoid mindless aggroing from mobs.

xQc intended to do just that, but when crafting, a misclick resulted in him filling up his entire available inventory with gold helmets, using up almost all of his gold bars, and wasting valuable resources that he could have used to trade. After all, he now has 16 gold helmets?

All of which led to a hilarious reaction from the streamer and a very memorable clip.

The unsatisfactory amount of Ender Pearls and String gained through bartering made X abandon this otherwise very promising Minecraft speedrun. But the streamer continues to speedrun Minecraft, motivated to beat the run of his bitter rival.


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