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Published: 03/29/2023 08:34

Everything we know so far about Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition, from projected release date to price, regional availability and more.

A new Xbox Series X console may be in the works for Lilith’s return to Sanctuary. We’re talking, of course, about the rumored Xbox Series X Diablo IV (4) Edition, which seems to have leaked ahead of its official reveal.

This article explains everything we know so far about the Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition, from expected release date to regional availability and price range for those in the market looking for a Diablo-inspired, powerful gaming console.

Please note: At the time of writing, neither Microsoft nor Blizzard have confirmed the existence of the Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition and the information in this article is based on a credible rumor.

Xbox Series X Diablo IV (4) Edition Release Date Rumor

Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition Release Date Price Regions Countries Purchase Cost Purchase Pre-Order
An Xbox Series X Diablo IV Edition may be in the works. (Image: Billbil-kun / Blizzard / Microsoft)

As reported by Insider Gaming and revealed by a credible leaker Billbil-kun on TwitterDiablo 4 Xbox Series X Edition is rumored to have a release date of June 6th, 2023 when the game officially launches, not June 2nd, 2023 when the Early Access launch takes place.

There is no information about the design of this special edition console. Additionally, the leaker claims that the word “bundle” is not included in the reference, pointing to the possibility that the game is not included in a purchase.

Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition price rumor

According to the rumor/leak in the previous section, the price of the Xbox Series X is Diablo 4 Edition $559.99 in the United States. There is no telling if this will be an online store exclusive, such as the Microsoft Store or the Blizzard Store, or if it will also be available at select retailers.

No Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition price was leaked/exposed for other currencies.

Availability of Diablo 4 Xbox Series X versions

At the time of writing, the only region where we can reasonably confirm that the Diablo 4 Xbox Series X Edition will be available is the United States. There’s no indication as to what other regions this console might release in, but we’ll keep you posted.

While you wait for official information on the Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition, check out our impressions from the game’s beta below.

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That’s all we know about the Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Edition, from estimated release date to regional availability to price range. Keep in mind that this is still a rumor at this point, so take this information with a grain of salt. We will endeavor to update this article as soon as official information becomes available.

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