Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct: each game shown

In the early hours of the morning, Xbox and Bethesda hosted Developer Direct, a digital showcase that showcased several upcoming games. Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legendsand redfall featured throughout while Ghostwire Tokyo Developer Tango Gameworks simultaneously revealed and launched a surprise game: Hi-Fi Rush.

Like many presentations hosted by major gaming companies, Developer Direct was packed with new footage, release dates and tasty bites to eat. Here’s everything you need to know in one convenient place.

Developer Direct: Trailers, news and a surprise release

Hi-Fi Rush is a light music based game that is just coming out

Probably the biggest surprise came from Developer Direct Hi-Fi Rush. It wasn’t even announced yesterday, and it’s now not just public information, it’s available for everyone to play. From Tango Gameworks, known for their work on spooky supernatural titles like Ghostwire Tokyo and The evil within, Hi-Fi Rush is a clear departure from the studio’s reputation.

Described as an “over the top single player rhythm action game”. Hi-Fi Rush has a lively environment where everything happens to the beat of the music. Performing combat moves to the beat of the music amplifies her power as you play as Chai, a wannabe rock star.

Simply the coolest part of Hi-Fi Rush is its soundtrack: the preferences of Nine inch nails and The Black Keys Headlines about the licensed rock music on display. Just as nice, the game is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC through the Game Pass subscription service, in addition to Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Minecraft Legends Launch date confirmed, fresh gameplay trailer

Released April 18, Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy game based on the hugely popular Minecraft sandbox game. Developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, it features a story campaign full of new and old characters, along with plenty of treasures to loot and dangers to overcome.

Plus, for the competitive types, Minecraft Legends also features a player-versus-player (PvP) mode in which two teams of up to four players compete against each other. Here you collect resources and build a base while trying to defeat your opponents. Another Game Pass title for Xbox and Windows PC players, Minecraft Legends also comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

redfall reveals its vampire hunt open world and confirms launch date

One of the most anticipated games of 2023, Developer Direct gave us a deep dive redfall by Arkane Austin, known for 2017 prey reboot. A story-driven first-person shooter with solo and multiplayer gameplay, redfall challenges you to rid the streets of vampires while uncovering their mysteries.

Up to four of you can work together on vampire-slaying action that also includes character customization and an open world that encourages exploration, as arcane games are known. redfall launches May 2nd for Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC and is available to Game Pass subscribers at no additional cost.

The Elder Scrolls Online is receiving two major content updates in Morrowind

For 2023 the massively multiplayer online game (MMO) The Elder Scrolls Online as part of will focus on the famous Morrowind locale of the series The Shadow over Morrowind adventure. This time around, however, the two main downloadable content packs shown during Developer Direct are taking place in settings not seen since 1994.

First up is the writer of destiny DLC that adds two new dungeons for groups of four players. This launches soon, on March 13th for PC and Mac players, with the Xbox and PlayStation release on March 28th.

Following writer of destiny is a 30-hour story content pack called the Necrom Chapter. This opens up two new major areas to explore in East Morrowind alongside two new companion characters. Excitingly, this DLC adds an entirely new class to play with: the arcanist. The Elder Scrolls Online‘s seventh playable class, the Arcanist wields ancient magic, able to attack and defend while supporting allies. Necrom launches on June 5 for PC and Mac players, followed by launch for PlayStation and Xbox on June 20.

Developer Direct does not announce a date for Forza Motorsport

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly when Turn 10 Studio’s latest hardcore racing sim will be released. Forza Motorsport will be out What we do know, however, is that it’s supposed to be sometime this year. What we got to see was a trailer that showed off eye-catching footage and glimpses of the developers creating a hyper-realistic game.

When Forza Motorsport actually launches, it will feature a new online racing mode and a single-player career focused on car building. The game is confirmed for Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S, PC and Cloud Gaming.

All in all, Developer Direct gave developers plenty of time to talk about their impressive looking creations. In the first half of 2023, some exciting things are coming from Xbox and Bethesda, topped by the nice surprise of Hi-Fi Rush.

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