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The Xbox & Beteshda Devoleper_Direct was held, a presentation with news of 5 games from their developers that we will have this year that will reach Xbox, PC and GamePass, with incredible announcements, first-hand details and the gameplay of some titles to delve into what awaits us this year with Xbox. At Volk we tell you some details of this great conference and the 5 games that players will not want to miss, including the announcement of a new Tango Games title called Hi Fi Rush that we can enjoy on GamePass starting today.

The conference gives us a glimpse into the hands of the developers with incredible details with 5 great studios where we find Mojang Studios with Minecraft Legends, Turn 10 Studios with the new and most ambitious edition of Forza MotorSports 8, Tango GameWorks with something completely different from theirs previous IPs like The Evil Within and a new offering called Hi Fi Rush, from Zenimax Online Studios with The Elder Scrolls and NECROM, and from Arkane Austin with gameplay and details on Redfall.

MINECRAFT LEGENDS: Premieres April 18th

Minecraft Legends is the first announcement in which they show the new PvP with teams of four players, it will also be multiplatform and online multiplayer. The worlds are randomly generated where you have to build your base and protect it from other players as well as from enemies. It will be released on April 18th for all Xboxes and PCs as well as on Xbox GamePass.

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Forza MotorSports 8 a generational leap

Forza Motorsport 8 uses new technologies to make it as realistic as possible, both visually and aurally. The title will feature more than 500 customizable cars, 20 scenarios, a campaign mode and online at launch. Forza Motorsport 8 will be released this year 2023.

Hi Fi Rush: New game available now

Tango Gameworks follows with colorful gameplay, Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm action title, good soundtrack and great comic style. Additionally, you can download it for Xbox Series x and s starting today, January 25, and PC will also be included in Gamepass


They followed The Elder Scrolls Online with their upcoming online expansion Necrom, due out in June for PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Necrom will take fans back to the lands of Morrowind on an adventure through the uncharted eastern regions. The Chapter will also introduce the feature most requested by fans: a new playable class, the Arcanist, with new abilities and mechanics for the third new class introduced since the game’s launch.

Redfall and a new gameplay

For more details on Redfall, a first-person shooter involving vampires, we recall that it can be played alone or in cooperative mode. In the developer they showed a main mission and a side mission as well as some paranormal scenarios. It will be available on May 2nd for the Xbox Series and PC, and of course on GamePass

So this year 2023 surely shows us more details about how promising it can be in the world of video games and what Xbox is doing with GamePass is amazing to enjoy great titles and for you guys what was the announcement that you from Xbox & Beteshda Devoleper_Direct ? Comment on people’s social networks.


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