Xbox and Bethesda Conference Recap: Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Hi-Fi Rush, and Minecraft Legends

Lots Events Start (although some less than expected), a lot playing style and lots of creatives who explain their games in relative detail. This was the Developer_Direct, Microsoft’s digital event where they showed off the first games they have planned for 2023 and where there was a surprise (previously leaked). We tell you everything.

The makers of The evil within released today Hello Fi Rush

Action, music and lots of colour In the half surprise of Tango Gameworks, the creators of The evil within Y Ghostwire: Tokyo. Is about Hello Fi Rush, an action and rhythm adventure for one player. The premise is that the The whole world moves to the beat a soundtrack, which incidentally contains songs by well-known groups like The Black keys and 9 inch nails. It’s available now for PC and Xbox Series (included with Game Pass).

redfall coming May 2nd

Another piece of information that was leaked. the Protect in an open-world narrative powered by Arkane Austin (prey, dishonored 2) be available 2.May for PC and Xbox Series (also in Game Pass, although this edition will not include two heroes to be revealed, which will be released later. The playing style from redfall is rich with opportunities in his vampire-dominated village that promises to have a lot to offer Environmental narrative, locations to explore, and challenges to face in different waysalone or with up to three friends.

Lots of details about Forza Motorsportbut no date

The big bet from Xbox Game Studios for the first half of 2023 is the renewal of the driving simulator Forza Motorsportwas one of the protagonists, surprising with his playing styleyour data (500 cars800 customization options, 20 circuits, etc.) and its graphics (4K, 60fps, ray tracing). But the launch window has not been limited, but lengthened as we go from spring to a more diffuse one 2023. Be available on PC, Xbox Series and Game Pass.

Minecraft Legends will unlock on April 18th

blackbird interactive (homeworld 3, Hardspace: Shipbreaker) and Mojang will start Minecraft Legends the April 18th for PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One (included with Game Pass). The game of action and strategy In addition to a cooperatively playable campaign, a PvP mode What is the focus of the new playing style; in the next few hours we will publish in vandal an interview with their key managers.

TESO will be extended in June Necromn

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom It is the new part of the saga Morrowind Shadow Shadow from the MMO by ZeniMax Online Studios. Players will explore the wilderness (Apocrypha) in this region, try out a whole new class (Arcanist) and unravel the mysteries of Hermaeus Mora in his story. be available on June 5 on PC and Macand on June 20th on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.


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