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‘X-Men ’97’ synopsis reveals sinister threats to the mutant team

The 1992 Superhero TV Show, X-Men: The Animated Series, has introduced the team of heroic mutants – as well as evil ones – to a wider audience beyond the comics. It ran for five long years after ending with five seasons, saying goodbye to the icon X-Men Characters including Rogue, Storm, Jean Grey, Gambit and Cyclops, with the powerful telepathic Professor X (aka Charles Xavier) leading the team. Since the conclusion of the series, the Marvel comic-based franchise has received several live-action iterations, beginning with the 2000 film starring Hugh Jackman as the brawny and short-tempered mutant Wolverine. And now the X-Men are being reintroduced to a new generation of fans X Men ’97, which will serve as a sequel to the popular 1992 series, is already in the works for Disney+. While Wonder indefinitely‘s X-Men: 60 Uncanny Years Live event, the synopsis for the upcoming TV series was revealed and it was teased X-Men will again fight against a formidable force.


The revival of the 1992 animated series will pick up where the mutants left off in 1997. Several voice actors – who will also be attending the first fan event on September 16-17 – will reprise their roles, including Cal Dodd as a glutton, George Buza as a beast, Catherine Disher as Jean Grey, Lenore Zannen as villain, Alyson court as an anniversary and more. Also, new members will join the brave team Jennifer Hale, Ray tracking, Anniwa Buachie, JP Karliak, AJ LoCascio, Matthew Waterson, Jeff BennettAnd Holly Choo to join the outstanding cast of voices. The official synopsis for the upcoming Disney+ animated series reads:

“Storm and Wolverine are trying to continue the X-Men. Magneto comes in and wants to stand in for Charles Xavier. Sinister comes in to try and destroy the X-Men once and for all.”

X-Men 97 heroes
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Besides Rogue, Storm, Jean Grey, Gambit, Cyclops and Wolverine, other originals X-Men Members include Beast, Jubilee, and Morph, all of whom possess exceptional superpowers including psionic abilities, regenerative healing powers, telekinesis, and kinetic energy manipulation, among many others. After completing the X-Men: The Animated Seriesthe mutant team was reintroduced in the early 2000s with the three live-action parts –X-Men, X2And X Men: The Last Stand– predominantly positive critical reception and a favorable box office income. In the 21st century, new faces have graced the big screen as younger versions of the icon X-Men characters in the films X-Men: First Class in 2011, X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014 and X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016. Apart from several X-Men Movies have also released some Wolverine-centric features, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverineand the critical darling of 2017, logan.

The final two installments, however, caused the franchise to go through a rough patch that saw wide panning Dark Phoenix And The new mutants mostly negative reviews. But the MCU outing 2022, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswith Professor Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart) in another multiverse and teases the possibility of the MCU exploring the world of mutants in the years to come. And with X Men ’97 are coming our way this year, fans can expect more X-Men content to approach soon enough; a fan can hope.

All X-Men: The Animated Series episodes are available to stream on Disney+, giving you plenty of time to catch up on the superhero story before the new series debuts later this year. You can watch them X-Men: The Animated Series trailer below.


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