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WWE plans to move from Raw and Smackdown to Netflix?

WWE has been in turmoil for the past few months with the news that Vince McMahon has allegedly paid hush money to keep his affairs and other activities secret, but another bombshell dropped during WWE’s Q2 Earnings Call that could prove interesting .

We’ve been enjoying WWE Monday Night Raw on cable for almost 30 years, as well as Smackdown for about 20 years, but that could change once their joint television deals expire.

WWE plans to move from Raw and Smackdown to Netflix?

There is a definite shift towards streaming services with Impact Wrestling and OVW, primarily on sites like Youtube as well as their own websites, and now WWE could be in full swing.

Nick Kahn, Stephanie McMahon’s co-CEO, spoke about the potential move to Netflix for Raw and Smackdown when their deals with USA and FOX expire, respectively, after the streaming giant took part in the bid for new content.

“At Netflix, we’ve been saying on these calls for many months that we think Netflix wants to go live.

“We received confirmation of this last quarter when Netflix made a bid for the rights to Formula 1. We believe that Netflix’s appetite for live (programming) will only increase after the launch of their advertising tier.

“As we all know, the strongest CPMs are those sold against live programming.”

plus and minus

With Netflix losing tons of money over the past year or so following some questionable programming decisions, it’s been reported that they’re trying to get into live streaming of shows and events, with WWE and other esports and wrestling companies having every opportunity.

The benefit of WWE moving to a streaming service full-time is that they aren’t limited by the ratings and content restrictions that networks and cable channels use to ensure their content isn’t viewed by unintended viewers.

The downside is that WWE fans would need to subscribe to multiple streaming services, which with this news would mean mostly Peacock and Netflix.

Peacock surrendered $1 billion to have the streaming rights to the WWE Library and pay-per-views, so that seemed like the most likely home for her shows, but moving to other streamers would diversify her earnings.

One thing that has always been true about investing is never to put all your eggs in the same basket. And there’s a chance that each show will also end up on different platforms, costing fans even more money to keep up with their favorite shows.

It’s worth noting that this is pure speculation based on what Nick Kahn said, and there’s every possibility he said this in hopes of fueling a bidding war for WWE content.

Either way, things should get interesting over the next few years. What do you think of WWE moving Raw and Smackdown to one streaming service? Let us know in the comments below.

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