Don’t overlook who are the worst Pokemon that the sixth generation has given us.

Main graphic featuring Xerneas and Yveltal from Pokémon X and Y

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10 years have passed since the world of Pokémon revolutionized the community, since with the Arrival of Pokémon x and y We could see the franchise leaving the pixels that had shaped it so much to show us this time around a world created in 3DIn fact, the names of Pokémon X, Y, and Z (which didn’t eventually come out, despite the rumours) just allude to those coordinates.

In any case, it must be said that this is the case Generation that introduced the fewest PokémonThis leads us to find some of the best sixth generation Pokemon in this select group, since they were also responsible for them add to Mega Evolutions. Now all is not shiny in Kalos, so we need to talk to you about it worst Pokemon of the sixth generation.

The sixth generation was the one that introduced the fewest types of Pokémon

First of all, it is worth noting that in Generation 6 something happens that we already mentioned in the top of the fifth generation worst Pokemon, since in this case we could see how Almost all Pokemon are well made and designedThis meant that the five we’ll mention below weren’t even present in the previous generation tops due to the realization that quality wins over quantity.

Since we know we won’t be including the legendary or singular Pokemon because the ones that are out there are pretty good, it’s about time you knew what those are five sixth generation Pokemon They don’t shine as brightly as their Pokédex companions:

The teacher

Malamar is a Pokemon with wasted potential

We’re starting at the top with a Pokemon that, while it may come as a surprise that it’s here, the truth is that it deserves it because it is He wasn’t able to use the full potential he could have givenThis gives Malamar one of the best abilities out there: jaggedwhich causes stat drops to increase them and vice versa.

This can be very useful for him, as he can use Brute Force, a combat-type attack, to improve his defense and attack. However, this is where we find the problem, because outside of this movement, which is not even one of its kind, we can see it he has nothing elseso that their full potential cannot be realized, as is the case, for example, with Lurantis and Lluevehojas and Fuerza Bruta.

To this must be added x4 bug type weaknessWe can observe this in a competitive game where the back and forth movement is very present Malamar will hardly take a few hits before falling. And while there’s a variant with Rest and Atania Berry, that doesn’t keep you from burning.


The sixth generation rodent clone of Pikachu is Dedenne

It’s incredible that until now we haven’t talked about the clones of Pikachu, that is, about that select group of Pokemon that are electric-type rodents and have one Appearance similar to the franchise’s mascot, with black eyes, cheeks and other elements. And in that sense, he has to talk about Dedenne who, while not the worst, doesn’t have enough potential to get out of this peak.

That’s because Dedenne’s strategy is to use Carillo with a berry and recycle to last longer in combat and at the same time to be combined with Toxic, since this is too situational and you cannot get much benefit from it, since that is the case It has very low defense..

For all this it can be considered a Dedenne It hardly takes a few hits., resulting in it not being recommended on our teams. In his defence, of course, we can at least say that Meet static cheeks to paralyze the opponent.

For Mrs

Furfrou is characterized by having different shapes depending on the hairstyle it wears

It’s already been a while before a Normal-type Pokémon appeared, which makes perfect sense considering the enormous number of Pokémon of this type that are added with each new generation, not everything could be goodthat Furfrou is the Pokemon that takes the bronze medal in this top of the sixth generation worst Pokemon.

And although it must be said that his Thick Skin ability helps him to be much more resilient and also has a not so brilliant distribution of stats, but it’s not a disaster either, the problem with Furfrou lies in the fact that what is quite limited because it has a very bad moveset, where revenge is the best move. Same as Watchog on the Unova peak.

This follows from the fact that Furfrou was conceived as a Pokemon that wasn’t made to fightso this was definitely a Pokemon that was made for introduce a new mechanic, which consisted in changing the appearance of this Pokémon. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t added back to the Nintendo Switch games.

He smelled it

Aromatisse was one of the Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation 6.

Although Dedenne was one of those Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 6 to give more weight to this new group, the truth is Aromatisse and Slurpuff the ones that best represent this new type, since they are, after all, pure Fairy-type Pokémon that are easy to identify with as soon as you see them.

Well, if we can say that on the one hand slurpuff is decentHaving an ability that pairs well with Drum and a Cidra Berry is the reality Aromatisse didn’t turn out so well, which ironically is a Pokemon that represents scents. And all of this is due to it lousy distribution of statistics meaning he can only attack with Lunar Force, which is the rest of the moves he’s usually seen with in status.

In fact, many will love it for its ability Poison with Toxic, recover with Desire, and protect with Protection, where Lunar Light is the move that can help deal more damage to the opponent. That would be fine with him if he had good defence, but since he doesn’t we can just say his opponent won by a landslide win.


Carbink is the sixth generation’s worst Pokemon

We finish this top with Carbink, the rock/fairy-type Pokémon as well as the light version of Diancie. And before that it has to be said that Carbink’s role is usually quite simple, while the only potential he really has is in that serve as a support in the team Setting up Light Screen, Reflect, and Trap Rock, which can be fine, but even with Light Reflect running another Pokemon is often more convenient.

To this must be added that although it has pretty high defense, that it has so little HP makes these really decorative, as without the option to hit hard or recover, it’s unlikely to withstand more than three hits. In fact, in case you get a Steel-type attack, the chances of being defeated are greatly increased. And even though it has Armor Up, it’s of little use as it lasts at just over 1 HP in most cases.

Of course, it should be noted that to defend this Pokémon Carbink is the best Pokemon of all those who have been number 1 in other tops for generations, so if we make a top that talks about the worst Pokemon of all generations, Carbink would be 9thfor among the wicked it is least bad.

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