Worried about lost luggage? Grab these Tile luggage trackers on sale at Amazon

Save On Popular Tile Trackers At Amazon Canada.  Images via Amazon.

Save On Popular Tile Trackers At Amazon Canada. Images via Amazon.

If you’ve been traveling lately, you know that lost luggage is one of the biggest problems. While it’s a way to minimize risk by sticking to carry-on only, even that plan isn’t completely foolproof (speaking from experience).

A baggage tracker can add an extra layer of security to your travels, and there are currently two of the most popular models on sale on Amazon Canada.

Shoppers can save on both the Tile Mate Bluetooth trackers and the Tile Pro 2-pack.

Tile Mate vs Tile Pro: What’s the difference?

When trying to decide between the Tile Mate and Tile Pro trackers, there are a few important differences to keep in mind. That’s why we’ve done the comparisons for you, listening to what buyers have to say about both models.

Read on to decide which luggage tracker is best for you.

Tile Mate (2022) Bluetooth Tracker 2 pieces.  Image via Amazon.

Tile Mate (2022) Bluetooth Tracker 2 pieces. Image via Amazon.

$55 $65 at Amazon


Tile Mate’s trackers have earned a solid 4.3-star rating from over 3,300 customer reviews.

The details

This versatile tracker helps locate missing objects near and far. It can be attached to a key ring on your luggage or tucked into a bag or attached to everyday items such as keys, a purse or a backpack.

If it’s within Bluetooth range, the Tile Mate can connect directly to the Tile app, which will start ringing to help you locate lost items. If it’s out of range, you can view its last location on a map in the app. The Tile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

This version of the Tile has a Bluetooth range of up to 250ft/76m, with a removable battery that lasts up to three years.

what do people say

According to Amazon reviewers, the Tile Mate is “an invaluable asset for traveling these days.” Buyers have said that the “signal works like a charm” and is “very accurate.”

However, buyers note that despite their compatibility with smart home devices, these trackers sometimes struggle to connect to Amazon Alexa.

Tile Pro (2022) 2-pack Powerful Bluetooth tracker.  Image via Amazon.

Tile Pro (2022) 2-pack Powerful Bluetooth tracker. Image via Amazon.

$70 $80 at Amazon


At least in terms of ratings, the Tile Pro and the Tile Mate are in a dead heat. The Tile Pro also received a 4.3-star rating, backed by over 3,400 customer reviews.

The details

Like the Tile Mate, the Tile Pro has the same Lost & Found features that help you track down missing items. However, this device has a Bluetooth range of up to 120m and a removable battery that lasts up to a year.

what do people say

As with the Tile Mate, buyers agree that the Tile Pro offers “tremendous security” when traveling. They’re also “perfect” for those who “frequently misplace their keys and phone.”

Reviewers say they’re “a lot louder” than the Tile Mate, making it easier to find misplaced objects, and “the range is almost twice as great” — a helpful upgrade if you live in a larger home.

While buyers are impressed with these trackers, some reviewers warn that they “work better when there’s a clear line of sight,” which isn’t always possible when traveling.

Final Verdict

For those who might have a larger home where greater Bluetooth range would be useful, consider picking up the Tile Pro device. It can track items up to 120m away, meaning you should be able to locate your misplaced items from anywhere in the house.

However, if you plan on using these trackers primarily for travel, it may be worth saving $15 and getting the Tile Mate instead.

The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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