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WITH SURVEY | Young actors “claw” their way into the theater

TEXARKANA – Young actors will tell musical stories about brave toys and pirate adventures during the MiniShow theater camps at Silvermoon Children’s Theater starting next week.


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“The Claw: A New Children’s Musical” will be performed on July 1 and 29, and “Under the Sea” is scheduled to be performed on July 15. Each show ends with a week of casting rehearsals for the 25 actors, ages 7-16.

Registration for the first performance of “The Claw” is closed, rehearsals begin June 27th. However, there are still seats available for the other shows, said SCT executive director Susannah Linnett.

Linnett said SCT chose The Claw because the music’s production kit was provided by Beat by Beat Press, the production company behind SCT favorite The Grunch.

The Claw is the story of what happens when a defunct claw game suddenly becomes the delight of all toys but one, “a terrified stuffed cow” named Dot.

“Dot is desperate to hold onto her home and her best friend, Aiden. Can Dot conquer her fear of the unknown with the help of the Flair Bears, Mighty Mutant Power Turtles, Beanie Elders and the omniscient Mystical 8-Ball?” asks the musical’s synopsis.

Under the Sea is a revival of an original production by Linnett, who wrote the 2015 musical.

“We made some changes and expanded the squad,” she said.

Linnett said her musical was inspired a little by Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid, which gave rise to the song “Under the Sea.”

“However, while I was writing it, it became a story about pirates and their adventures under the water.”

Linnett said the MiniShow camps provide attendees with a wonderful summertime experience.

“We’ve been doing these camps for nine summers,” she said. “It’s a great place for kids to learn, whether they like theater or not.”

Linnett is assisted by her sister, Meredith Farren, whom she describes as “Company Manager-Plus”.

“Corporate director means she manages things for the company, but she does so much more,” Linnett said.

Registration for the camp is $225, which includes a t-shirt and six tickets to the show.

The camp takes place Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and Friday from 10:00 am to around 8:00 pm, just before the performance. Actors are asked to bring lunch each day.

Visit silvermoonkids.com or email us for more information [email protected]

photo “Under the Sea” is an original musical by Susannah Linnett, Executive Director of Silvermoon Children’s Theatre. The production is the second at SCT’s summer MiniShow drama camp. It will be performed on Friday July 15th. (Artwork courtesy of SCT)

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