Will You season 4 be the final season of the Netflix series?

Many would agree that Netflix made the right decision by taking off You after it was dropped by Lifetime after just one season. When the psychological thriller landed on Netflix for its second season, viewers old and new absolutely loved it. Now we’re into season four and fans can’t wait to see what Joe is up to this season. But will You Season 4 the last time we see Joe? We’ve shared everything we know about the future of the show below.

If you are not familiar with Youlet me give you a little overview. You follows a charming but extremely obsessive man named Joe Goldberg, who sets his sights on a woman, quickly falls in love, and pursues her. Did I forget to mention that he’s a serial killer? This thriller series just keeps getting better as the seasons go on!

The third season ended in shock when one of the main characters met her death and Joe flew to Paris. With Season 3 ending there is so much to look forward to in the upcoming one You Season 4. As of August 5th, principal filming for the fourth season is still ongoing, with a rumored completion date of August 31st. A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we most likely won’t see it You Season 4 through early 2023.

While we’re excited for season four, we can’t help but wonder if this upcoming season will be the last. Four seasons is typically the maximum number of seasons Netflix gives its shows. Of course, there are Netflix shows that have more than four seasons, but that’s not usually the case. Below we have discussed what we know Yous future.

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Will You season 4 be the last season?

It is unknown at the moment. The good news is that Netflix hasn’t announced that You Season 4 would be the final season. The streamer usually announces the final season of a show when renewing it. When Netflix was renewed You For a fourth season in October 2021, it didn’t mean the fourth season would be the last. However, there is a chance that the streamer will change their mind. We saw that lock and key Season 3. lock and key was renewed for a third season in 2020, and in 2022 Netflix announced that the third season would be the final season. Hopefully we won’t be taken by surprise You.

If you were to ask our opinion, we would say You Season 4 could possibly be the last season. The first season was new and we were introduced to Joe and his murderous tendencies. The second season reinforced it by introducing a character who challenged Joe. The third season killed a main character, which saddened many fans but helped move the story forward. The upcoming fourth season will obviously pick up where the story left off, but we’ll likely see Joe do the same things. Our main reason for thinking that season 4 could be the final season is that history repeats itself. How many times are we going to see Joe kill the person he claims to love?

However, we tend to You get another season to wrap things up. The thriller series is arguably one of Netflix’s top original series. I just can’t see Netflix not giving this show a series ending. For now, we’d say expect at least one more season of You before it all ends

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information Yous future!

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