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Will Tom Cruise Star in Oblivion 2? There is already a summary

Despite being one of the lowest-rated films of Tom Cruise’s career, everything was set for a sequel, set to begin 10 years after the first.

Tom cruise He’s at the best moment of his career. The actor became the highest-paid in Hollywood just after the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, for which he pocketed more than $100 million, not counting the profits he continues to receive from marketing and royalties. In addition, the Mission Impossible saga is still more relevant than ever and it seems that other important projects are on the horizon.

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One of them, for example, has to do with returning to one of his less relevant jobs in recent years. Is about oblivionthe 2013 film that introduced the celebrity to the realm of science fiction.

Despite a novel idea and a luxurious cast, many people hailed the film bored and sonsa. The long shots of the protagonist riding his space bike in a desert, or the much less than expected action load, made the film that way.

However, everything indicates that the study is actually planning one Consequence. 10 years have passed and the time can be felt in the appearance of each of the protagonists, so it is not known if there will be a direct sequel or if there will be a period of distance between the two plots.

This way the portal Huge freakin robot, which specializes in Hollywood leaks, went a little ahead. The site even dared to post a possible synopsis of the future of the growing franchise.



forget 2

“In Oblivion, the malicious AI tet takes human form failure, the director of the NASA mission that Julia and the original Jack Harper took part in to communicate with humans. With a villain known to have this ability and inclination, joining Tom Cruise in Oblivion 2 opens the door to almost every actor from the first film, whether or not their characters survived.

This includes Sally, who was played by Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and the leader of the Scavengers, Malcolm Beech, who he played Morgan Freeman (Se7de). The Andrea Riseborough (Birdman), who played one of the astronauts (as well as his clones), was played over by the skeptical Sykes Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones, y Zoe Bell (The Hateful Eight) as the scavenger Kara. There’s plenty of impressive talent there, including two Oscar winners (Leo and Freeman) and one nominee (Riseborough).

It should be noted that the first installment did not have a good score from the criticism. It didn’t surpass 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, while scoring just a 5.8/10 on FilmAffinity and just 7/10 on IMDb, where it scored best. It is one of the lowest-rated productions of Cruise’s and Freeman’s careers.

Tom Cruise has not yet pointed out his connection to the alleged project no data have been confirmed of realization.


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