Will This SNL Star Be Part Of ‘The Biggest MrBeast Video’ Following PewDiePie Speculation?

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is currently causing a stir among his fans with BTS on his Japan tour. Donaldson, Thea Booysen (his girlfriend) and the Beast crew were recently spotted in the Land of the Rising Sun. According to various indications that have been seen around the internet, MrBeast is busy making the biggest spectacle he has ever released.

To add to the excitement, MrBeast posted an Instagram story that also featured a renowned cast member from the legendary Saturday Night Live

Is Pete Davidson part of the new MrBeast video?


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MrBeast’s Japan tour was legendary. The fan-favorite YouTuber shared some of the most memorable moments with fans via his social media. We also saw Thea and the other cast members do the same. Now they’re back from the trip, but that doesn’t mean the anticipation for the new video has ended. Now, according to PewDiePie, Donaldson shared his encounter with Pete Davidson.

Pete was a permanent member of Saturday Night Live until 2022. The talented artist recently shared a dining table with the king of YouTube. We watched them chat, and the talking point was Pete’s new acting project. The 29-year-old opened up about his latest action comedy series called Bupkis. Peacock released their original show on this Star Wars day.

MrBeast and his crew watched the show along with on-screen actor Pete Davidson. It seems like Donaldson really enjoyed the show. Karl Jacobs, the popular Minecraft content creator and MrBeast’s sidekick, was also present at the demonstration. He too expressed his approval for the show and admired the 0n-screen cast and their performance. But the million-dollar question that arises amid this surprise meeting is whether Pete and Jimmy will work together.


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That said, will there be a collaboration between Pete Davidson and MrBeast? Of what Jimmy has been teasing for the past few days, he’s making the biggest content video right now. Preparations are in full swing, and MrBeast hopes to blow the roof off the sky with this one. Hence, we can expect some insane surprises contained in the video. First, the meeting with PewDiePie piqued the interest of netizens. Many speculated about a plausible collaboration taking place behind the scenes.

Following speculation about the former YouTube king’s involvement in Jimmy’s video, Pete Davidson’s presence has raised a whole new set of questions. It would be crazy if Pete Davidson was in a MrBeast video. The witty nature of the actor/comedian along with the content king would win gold.


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However, we’d have to wait quite a long time to know exactly what MrBeast is coming up with or if Pete or PewDiePie will be in his next video.

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