Netflix hit bling empire is back and the series is hotter than ever. Promising more drama and new faces, fans are wondering if she’s an actress Heart Evangelist joins bling empire for Season 2! Keep scrolling to find out everything we know about Heart’s possible casting in the Netflix series.

Who is Heart Evangelista?

bling empire aims to highlight the lives of the wealthiest Asian and Asian Americans in Los Angeles, and Socialite Heart definitely fits the bill. The Filipino actress was discovered in a mall at the age of 13 and has appeared in numerous films and TV shows since her debut.

Bling Empire: Heart Evangelista Coming In Season 2?
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She is also an accomplished artist whose shows at the Ayala Museum and the Joaquin Gallery are insanely popular. The model also happens to be married to the governor of Sorsogon, Franz Escuderomaking her the first lady of the province in the Philippines.

Why do fans think Heart Evangelista will be on ‘Bling Empire’?

Heart initially sparked much speculation that she would join bling empire Cast after being spotted in photos with cast members Kane Lim and Kelly Mi Li in August 2021.

a month later, TMZ spoke to her and Kane as they strolled through Beverly Hills, and Kane called Heart “the most famous person in the Philippines.” When asked if she would join the Netflix series for Season 2, the actress cryptically replied, “Whatever it is, it’s for the Filipinos.”

Christine Chiu gave her opinion on Heart’s possible casting back in November 2021 in an interview South China tomorrow post.

“Heart Evangelista is just that—all heart. This woman is so lovely, generous, kind and compassionate. She was introduced to the group by Kane [Lim, fellow Bling Empire cast mate], and despite her popularity with the public, she is very humble and genuine,” gushed the Netflix star. “I am forever grateful for her sincerity and promptness in supporting me DWTS by promoting it on their social media. She’s such a person — one who’s always ready to celebrate friends.”

After attending the Netflix holiday party, Heart upped the ante and hosted the bling empire Cast for Filipino food at Barrio Fiesta in California, the chain her family owns.

While the socialite later confirmed she was appearing on a Netflix show, she was curious about the details.

“I can’t say if that’s the case bling [Empire] or something else, but in any case I was shooting for a show on Netflix,” she said during a press conference for her television series I left my heart in Sorsogon in February 2022.

Fans will have to wait and see if Heart shows up bling empire.

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