Will Apex Legends get quads or battle royale modes with bigger teams?

Published: 2023-02-09T10:53:11

updated: 2023-02-09T10:53:20

Apex Legends brings with it most of the typical battle royale modes that fans have come to expect. However, there has never been a team-based mode via trios, so will there ever be a quads or five-person BR mode? Here’s what we know.

Apex Legends Season 16 brings a brand new Team Deathmatch mode to the Apex games, replacing arenas after multiple seasons. It will also bring a new mixtape playlist that promises to please as much of the community as possible with rotating LTMs.

There’s not too much to write about in terms of the standard BR modes, however. Solos still seems a long way off as Duos and Trios are the only modes permanently available to BR players.

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As a result – and especially with the upcoming new Legend class and perk system – some are wondering if quads or even bigger team modes could be coming. Here’s everything we know.

Can you play quads in Apex Legends?

In the moment not. The largest teams available are trios. There is an option to play in larger teams in the 6v6 TDM mode mentioned above, but Battle Royales currently offer no more than trios.

Will quads come to Apex Legends?

It doesn’t look likely, but Respawn refuses to rule it out.

Back in November 2020, Jason McCord, who no longer works at Respawn, said, “When you play quads, which we tested early on, the combat becomes almost untraceable. It’s messy in a negative way.”

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He explained that trios was the “magic number” and therefore they would be reluctant to go over that number. It’s very similar to the rationale for no solos – that Apex was designed for smaller teams (duos or trios) that use their abilities in conjunction with each other.

Apex Legends TDM moderespawn entertainment

Apex Legends currently only goes as far as trios for BR modes.

Another update came in February 2023 and an interview with GLHF. Senior Design Director Evan Nikolich was asked if quads or larger team modes could come to the battle royale and replied, “I mean, we haven’t put the time into investigating that, but I would never say never. But at the moment it’s not in our current plans.”

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He said that Season 16’s focus is on overhauling the current meta, but he added, “We’re always looking for the next big development to bring to Apex.”

Just maybe the next big evolution will be quads. However, don’t expect it soon.


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