Who Killed Sarah? caught the attention of Netflix viewers when the Spanish-language thriller hit the streaming service in 2021 and quickly became the most popular foreign-language series at the time.

The mystery at the heart of the series, Sara’s mysterious death, had fans questioning every last detail, and the arrival of season 3 has finally given viewers the answers they’ve been looking for.

However, after the events of Season 3, Who Killed Sara will not be returning for Season 4. Let’s look at the reasons why.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Who Killed Sara? Season 3*

Who Killed Sarah? | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix



Who Killed Sarah? | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix






Who Killed Sara season 3 release date and plot preview

After seasons 1 and 2 of Who Killed Sara? both arrived in 2021, with season 3 eventually following on May 18, 2022.

Following the events of season two, in which Marifer admitted to being Sara’s killer, the story takes another dramatic turn when it is revealed that a third party was involved in Sara’s death.

As the final scene in Season 2 showed, Nicandro and a shady new character who was talking on the phone were really behind this, leaving Alex on the trail of a mysterious organization called Medusa in Season 3.


Who Killed Sara will not return in Season 4

That’s right, who killed Sara? will not be returning to Netflix for season 4 as the newly released third season has been confirmed as the final episode.

When the trailer for the third season was released, it carried the slogan “Temporada Final”, which translates to “final season”.

This confirms that the Who Killed Sara? story was planned in advance. Told over three seasons, with Episode 1 uncovering the mystery, Season 2 offering an unexpected twist, and Season 3 finally giving viewers the answers they’ve been looking for.

The end of Season 3 definitely doesn’t lend itself to another episode either, as the mystery surrounding Sara’s death is finally fully resolved and the answer to the question “Who Killed Sara?” has been revealed.


Who really killed Sara? [spoilers]

It appears in the seventh and final episode of Who Killed Sara? Season 3 that Sara Guzman actually killed herself and it wasn’t Marifer as we were led to believe in Season 2.

What makes the mystery of Sara’s death even more stunning is the fact that she didn’t actually die as a result of the parachute fall we saw in Season 1.

Instead, she was replaced by a new character, Dr. Reinaldo – the man Nicandro was on the phone with, secretly fetched from the hospital.

Played by legendary French actor Jean Reno, Reinaldo had hoped to develop a treatment for schizophrenia, which he believed Sara had inherited from her biological father Abel, and homosexuality.

Through his Medusa program, Reinaldo tortured Sara as part of his experiments, leaving her nearly broken.

However, before Reinaldo could fully bend Sara to his will, the young woman managed to get her hands on a knife and stab herself in the stomach in front of Reinaldo.

In the end, Sara didn’t want to be a lab rat for Reinaldo and the Medusa Project anymore, so she decided to take her own life.


Season 3 of Who Killed Sara? is available to stream now on Netflix upon release on May 18, 2022.

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