inside job is an animated television series created by Shion Takeuchi and available on Netflix. The animator is known for his work on other hit animated television shows such as gravity falls and disappointmentand Takeuchi was also a story artist in the Oscar-winning film from the inside to the outside, still one of the best Pixar films. She currently has a multi-project deal with Netflix. 10 episodes of inside job are currently available for streaming.

A total of 20 episodes have been ordered from the streaming service, so more is coming from the Deep State (a conspiracy theory consisting of a corporation running the world through secret and unauthorized networks) or – as the public knows it – the company called Cognito Inc It has been announced that the second part of the series will be released between October and November this year.


Reagen (Lizzy Caplan) works for the deep state and is about to be promoted to a leadership role. Her father started the company but was fired when he tried to blow up the sun for a cure for skin cancer. Despite being a scientific genius, Reagen has poor people skills, and for this reason her boss JR (Andrew Daly) decides to hire Brett (Clark Duke) to help her lead her team. Brett has no qualifications and most of the time doesn’t even know what they’re really doing, but he’s a naturally empathetic leader.

Both characters and the team members consisting of the head of biochemistry who enjoys experimenting with every drug known to man (and creatures), the first human/experiment with human and dolphin DNA, a hollow earth mushroom creature and the boss for Media and mass manipulation. You will learn a lot about yourself as you work on new emergencies in each episode as part of the deep state work. Some are obviously more qualified than others.

Inside job and conspiracy theories

inside job is a television series that reflects modern times in a previously unexplored way. With the advent of the internet, people anywhere could share their ideas (and of course theories) with the whole world. That has almost created a subculture of conspiracy theories ranging from important historical events to more mundane things like what happens when you play a record backwards.

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If there’s one thing people love to talk about (especially on the internet), it’s conspiracy theories. This is an almost endless source of material, because there will always be people on the Internet who come up with theories about important events in history or even everyday things. Over the past five years, many of these conspiracy theories have gripped sections of society, including political leaders who fuel the theories with baseless claims. inside job dealt with many of the major conspiracy theories out there, from reptilians, clones, flat earth and memory erasing serum to an ancient organization controlling the world.

Conspiracy theories are a fun topic. Even people who don’t like it or don’t know how many are out there can still enjoy the comedic scenarios that are present in inside job. The conspiracy theories are cleverly used as a backdrop to the characters’ problems and fuel the comedic timing. The script is written to incorporate the best elements of each theory of the show, making it enjoyable to watch and leaving the audience wanting more without being too specific about its target audience. The show intelligently doesn’t target groups or political parties, instead leveraging its contemporary obsession with suspenseful, imaginative conspiracies to create great character-driven comedy.

Character development in the inside job

Although the show focuses on popular conspiracy theories, one of the most rewarding parts of the series is the character development that is present in each episode. Reagan and Brett are the ones who have tremendous evolution in terms of who they are and how they relate to the other characters. Reagan has to deal with other people, and Brett has to be liked by everyone. Strange as it may sound, beneath all the high-profile ridiculousness, inside job is ultimately a great workplace comedy that takes what each day in the office looks like for these characters and takes advantage of the endless possibilities that arise from what the deep state would have to deal with on a regular basis.

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The show maintains an oddly funny tone while also dealing with tender moments, such as when the characters open up about their insecurities and personal struggles. These make the series a relatable viewer and, due to the tone and subject matter, introduced the audience to a unique narrative that might otherwise feel too distant and sarcastic to enjoy. That’s what the series establishes when dealing with such odd circumstances.

The viewer feels attached to the characters almost immediately, particularly Reagan and Brett, and can enjoy the small changes they have in each episode. Being vulnerable to past trauma or being able to work in a group are just a few examples of what the characters begin to do as they learn and grow together. They’re also very open about their mental health issues, which thankfully is becoming increasingly common on television after decades of suppression.

It’s safe to say that there is nothing quite like it inside job seen everywhere. Its uniqueness draws audiences to want to see more adventures of TV’s most unlikely team of protagonists. There are heartfelt moments, but also extremely embarrassing ones (like when someone has to dump a British spy who sounds a lot like James Bond). Anyhow, the show captivates the viewer from the start, immersing them in a strange and (sometimes very likely) world of conspiracy theories with relatable characters. Hopefully more people will watch the second episode this fall, because inside job definitely deserves more seasons.

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