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Why the Legendary Pokemon Scarlet & Violet could be the same Pokemon

In the coming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Legendary Pokémon can be different versions of the same Pokémon from two different time periods, Koraidon from the past and Miraidon from the future. This would go well with the past and future themes of the games shown with the designs of the Legendaries and those of the twin Professors Sada and Turo. scarlet and violet will be released on November 18th, so it shouldn’t be long before players find out if this is true or not.


in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players will explore Paldea, a vast region that features a variety of different biomes. The games will be fully open, with no routes like in previous games, and unlike the Hisui region, they will not be divided into segments that players need to unlock Pokemon SV the open world Legends: Arceus was not. Players will be assisted on their journey by either Koraidon or Miraidon, depending on which version of the game they are playing. You can use them as riding Pokémon to quickly move across land, traverse open water, or glide through the air. Using Legendary Pokemon for such a purpose is quite surprising but exciting at the same time.

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rumors about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet existed almost before they were announced, but few have involved the Legendary Pokémon. The biggest of these were Ride-type Pokémon, which proved true on August 3rd Pokemon Presents videos. Very little is known about them at the moment, so there is no evidence for or against the theory that they are the same Pokemon at the moment. Pokemon Scarlet and VioletHowever, the version-exclusive legendaries aren’t the first to be linked; Gen 7 Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala are part of the same line of evolution, which isn’t exactly the same concept but still sets a precedent.

Are Koraidon and Miraidon from Scarlet & Violet the same Pokemon?

The similarities between Koraidon and Miraidon are pretty obvious. Their appearance mimics each other in both their regular and vehicle forms, they have identical movement modes that use incredibly similar methods affecting their throats, tails and the antennae/vines on their heads, and they serve exactly the same purpose in-game , one that – presumably – no other Pokémon does. Even their names are almost identical as they are only separated by two letters. Miraidon certainly appears to be a version of Koraidon from a distant future, and Koraidon appears to be what Miraidon was before it became a machine.

Rumors of “regional fakes” in Pokemon SV could also indicate that Koraidon and Miraidon are the same Pokemon. Paradoxical Forms are rumored to be alternate forms of returning Pokemon that have traveled from the far past and far future, and while it hasn’t been confirmed, the information comes from trusted leakers such as: Centro LEAKS, so the possibility looks promising. Paradoxical forms are intended to be classified as new Pokémon separate from their original forms, with new names and Pokédex numbers that would fit in with Koraidon and Miraidon being separate but the same. If these rumors are true, the theory becomes much more likely.

If the Legendaries are the same Pokemon, that puts their current version into question. It would probably show up in game in some form, and the best way might be like this Pokemon SV‘s third Legendary. Since third legendaries typically represent a force that acts as a counterbalance to each generation’s boxing legendaries, this would be very fitting. All of this could be a great plot twist, one that improves Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s whole story, so hopefully the theory holds true.

Source: Centro LEAKS

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