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Why Secret Invasion 2023 will be the MCU’s most important series

Secret Invasion is without a doubt one of the most anticipated MCU series. In addition, an important detail of the Marvel cinematic universe indicates that the production will also be one of the most important releases of this year.

“A faction of the Skrulls – extraterrestrials with the ability to change their shape – infiltrates every aspect of life on Earth,” reads the synopsis of Secret Invasion.

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Led by Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Fury, Secret Invasion’s cast also includes Don Cheadle (War Machine), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill) and Ben Mendelsohn (Talos) – alongside the introduction of Olivia Colman (The Crown). Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Carmen Ejogo (True Detective) in the MCU.

We reveal below why Secret Invasion will be the MCU’s most important series in 2023; Cash! (via ScreenRant)

Why is Secret Invasion so important in the MCU?

Compared to other Marvel series debuting in 2023, Secret Invasion stands out. After all, even if the series continues a pre-established story (in movies like Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: No Going Home), the series isn’t exactly a sequel.

All MCU projects debuting in 2023, whether on Disney+ or in theaters, are sequels, spinoffs, and second seasons. Therefore, Secret Invasion is by far the most original production in the franchise.

The Ironheart and Echo series are spin-offs from Black Panther: Forever Wakanda and Hawkeye, respectively.

Secret Invasion, in turn, brings together references to multiple Marvel projects, from Captain Marvel to the Jessica Jones series.

Additionally, since Secret Invasion is likely to be Marvel’s first release of 2023, the series will set the tone and pace of Disney+ productions (which is very important given the platform’s tough times in 2022).

The project, including, can define the style of all versions of phase 5 of the MCU. Secret Invasion will have important ties to the Armor Wars film (which should debut in Phase 6) and likely be closely tied to The Marvels, the sequel to Captain Marvel.

In addition, the production of Disney+ could have important consequences for Captain America: New World Order.

In Secret Invasion, Dermot Mulroney plays President Ritson, but in New World Order, the character is replaced by Thunderbolt Ross – played this time by Harrison Ford.

Finally, Secret Invasion also introduces the character of Abigail Brand to the MCU. The character played by Emilia Clarke is a SWORD agent and, more importantly, a mutant.

Namely: Nick Fury’s series will also be integral to the development of a broader concept of “mutation” in the MCU that will eventually lead to the arrival of the X-Men.

Secret Invasion launches on Disney+ in 2023, no date yet.


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