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Why CB CJ Coldon is so grateful to show up in Oklahoma

NORMAN – Cornerback from Oklahoma CJ Coldon has emerged as an unlikely star in OU defense.

On this day in particular, he couldn’t be more grateful.

“Every time I step onto the field, you have to be grateful,” Coldon said after practice on Monday night, “because I’ve been injured twice in my career. So I’m just grateful. Every time I step onto the field, it’s a blessing. You never know when it’s your last piece.”

Coldon, a supersenior from Belleville, IL, started 19 games in Wyoming but struggled with multiple injuries. After changing redshirts in 2017, he played three games in 2018, three games in 2019 and six games in 2020. In 2021 he finally had a full season and stayed healthy – and played great, amassing 65 tackles in 12 starts.

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