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20:53 March 21, 2023, updated 20:53 March 21, 2023

  • Nicole Piastri is a hit with fans
  • She brutally roasts Oscar on Twitter
  • Fans love her social media presence

Australian F1 rookie Oscar Piastri is fast becoming a hit with fans – and it’s obvious he got every fun bone in his body from his mum Nicole.

The incredibly talented 21-year-old is in his first season on the F1 grid, having replaced compatriot Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren in controversial circumstances last year.

After a brilliant qualifying run that saw him finish eighth at last weekend’s Saudi Arabian GP, ​​fans have raved about the youngster’s ability to drive what many describe as a complete ‘dud’ of a car.

The McLaren MCL60 is so far behind its rivals that many pundits are predicting a very difficult year for the Aussie, but it can count on an odd relief from its mother, who would prefer her son to keep her nerves in check, by driving his fastest lap Start of qualifying instead of end.

“Good job Osc but could you please do your fast lap at the start of qualifying from now on so it doesn’t get so stressful?xx,” she commented on McLaren’s post after he timed his time in Saudi Arabia.

Incredibly talented Aussie rookie Oscar Piastri is fast becoming a hit with fans – but is he the funniest person in his family anyway?
Nicole Piastri joked that she was at Oscar’s first F1 race in Bahrain on March 3

Nicole has traveled the world during her son’s burgeoning career and made another hilarious post from the season-opening Bahrain GP.

“I’ll still watch the kids play sports,” she wrote with a joking frown emoji that accompanied a photo of her outside his McLaren garage.

Unfortunately for Piastri, despite that sizzling qualifying run, McLaren’s dire condition meant he finished 15th at Jeddah after having to pit on the very first lap of the race with damage to his front wing.

Pundits, former legends of the sport and fans then broke down because Piastri was faster than Lando Norris, although the team didn’t opt ​​to leave him on a set of hard tires instead of giving him new rubber like his teammates.

They even took the time to acknowledge Nicole’s brilliant social media posts.

Oscar Piastri began his karting career in 2011 with Oakleigh Club in Melbourne
His F1 career got off to a vicious start in Bahrain when his much-maligned McLaren retired with an engine failure

Piastri is prolific and hugely popular on social media, but one fan’s reaction indicated his mum might be the funniest F1 diehard on Twitter.

“We all know Oscar won Twitter last year but let’s not forget where he got it from,” one fan wrote, with screenshots of Nicole’s social media posts showing her lightheartedly poking fun at her son .

“Quarantine, day number: somewhere in the middle. I watched an unhealthy amount of darts on TV,” Piastri wrote in late 2020, before Nicole hit back and absolutely pissed off her son for not returning her messages.

“Wait, so you were busy watching darts in the nine hours it takes you to reply to my messages????” She replied.

Just before Piastri’s move to McLaren, Nicole snapped another light-hearted clip of her son not returning her calls before fiercely defending what he had already achieved in motorsport.

Piastri celebrates winning a Formula 3 race in 2020 – before winning the entire championship

“Knowing Oscar, I’m going to find out what’s going on with the rest of the world,” she told The Age last year.

“I think he has the determination and the ability and the intellect. I think he has everything it takes to get there and do a good job, but that’s a very small factor.

“There are many other things that go into getting a Formula 1 spot – politics, money, availability of spots.”

She roasted him again in 2020 for having a messy bedroom.

“Today’s cooking chronicle with Oscar: I lost my good knife. How do you lose a damn knife!?’ Piastri asked his 297,000 followers.

“Maybe check your bedroom floor…” Nicole replied.

At the age of only 15, Oscar Piastri finished third in an international karting competition at the legendary Le Mans

Born and raised in Melbourne, Piastri has risen through the ranks at dizzying speed after taking up remote control car racing at national level before beginning his career with Oakleigh Go Karting Club in 2011.

He’s won the Eurocup, Formula 3 and Formula 2 championships in consecutive years – and Nicole thinks he learned everything from her.

“Hi Oscar, I heard your mother is an excellent driver. Did you learn everything you know from her?” she jokingly asked in a 2020 F3 Q&A session.

He’ll get a chance to strut his stuff in front of home fans at the Australian GP at Melbourne’s iconic Albert Park circuit – and it’s likely Nicole will celebrate the occasion with another fervor or two.


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