Who won MC Championships (MCC) 28: results, final standings, points

After a tournament season filled with 18 exciting events, the 28th edition of the MC Championships (MCC) has entered its second season of Minecraft event to an official end. Though the event is now on hiatus for some time, one final team managed to take home the crown in the final MCC event of Season 2.

MCC 28 capped off an epic season of the Minecraft Event and Noxcrew and Smajor will now be on hiatus to prepare for the third season of the tournament, which will return in early 2023. No official return date has been announced, but their previous hiatus lasted until March, and fans can likely expect season 3 of MCC to arrive in early March 2023.

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MCC Season 2 builds on Season 1 with many exciting additions such as new mini-games like Meltdown, new event types like MCC Underdogs and the beta version of an MCC Island server to allow competitors and fans alike to participate in MCC mini-games. Games whenever they see fit. The third season of Minecraft The event promises to be even better as the MCC team have promised that they already have a lot in the works for the future of the event.

All 10 teams that took part in the 28th edition of the tournament fought a hard battle to the end in an epic final battle to close out the season. However, two of the teams managed to score the most points, and so proceeded to the final dodgebolt duel to go head-to-head in a showdown to decide who would be crowned the official MCC 28 champion.

MCC 28 Results, Full Time, Points

Final Winner: Blue-green turkeys

  • Punch
  • Snowsnag
  • solidarity
  • Captain Sparklez

The 29th episode of MCC ended with a dodgebolt duel between the Emerald Elves and the Teal Turkeys. The Emerald Elves netted the most coins in the event, totaling 20,990 coins, while the Teal Turkeys trailed far behind, totaling 19,473 coins.

Both teams then went into the dodgebolt duel, where they used snowball punches instead of the regular bows and arrows to attempt three times to eliminate the entire opposing team. Teams can only win in an MCC event after defeating the entire opposing team three times during a Dodgebolt final duel.

It was a close fight, but the Teal Turkeys eventually won the final MCC event of Season 2 by a dodgebolt score of 3-0.

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