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Big Brother Canada 11 started out very strange. First the producers announced there would be no live feeds, next two players left the house without eviction, and now we’re at our third backdoor in three weeks. Also, we have a scandal. The Big Brother Canada 11 Wednesday episode ends with Ty And Zach Discussing the possibility of uncovering something involving Hope to have him disqualified from the game. They mention a letter, but we get no further explanation.

We’ll have to wait until tonight to see if it leads to that Hope be eliminated from the game. If Hope is eliminated, there probably won’t be a eviction this week. Most likely, there won’t be an eviction this week either way because two people left the game early. This puts them at least a week ahead of schedule.

If the eviction goes as planned, five people will be eliminated from the game. The fifth elimination usually begins with the jury portion of the season. Forming the jury feels a little early now, but who knows what the BBCAN producers will decide with this week and the eviction.

It can continue as usual. Let’s dive into the summary.

BBCAN11 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony canceled

Will Ty and Zach’s plan to ban Hope from the game work? How will Ty and Zach react knowing that Zach is probably walking out the door and they’re out of control?

Before the veto ceremony, Hope tells Ty and he says if he’s sure he wants to do it. Hope says he’s not afraid of Ty’s heat.

Ty and Zach then discuss a move ahead of Dan. They tell him that he has a secret note from the outside from his girlfriend. Zach is then called to the DR.

He doesn’t want to say it at first, but is urged to talk about it. Big Brother asks why he didn’t tell them sooner.

Ty then confronts Hope about intimidating him. Then Zach talks to him too. Things get hot between the three men. The producers of Big Brother then call Hope to the DR and ask him to deliver the letter.

Kuzie says the move is below the belt because of the exposure of the letter. This leads to a confrontation. This then leads to an argument between Kuzie and Zach. Then Anika jumps into the argument. Everyone else is just watching it go down.

Then Zach threatens to leave the game.

The house guests are called into the living room. Arisa Cox comes on the home screen. Then she sums up the situation. Production decides that Hope cannot attend the eviction or play at the HOH this week. As compensation, everyone gets a letter from home to keep for a week.

Unhappy with the decision, Ty and Zach must now decide whether or not to go. Zach wants to run, but Ty doesn’t know about it.

Zach then fights with Dan and Ty to Shanaya and Claudia. He proposes the idea that they all work together as a group.

Claudia lets Zach know that she probably doesn’t have her voice. He says if he doesn’t have the votes he and Ty will leave. He then tells Ty that Claudia says he doesn’t have her voice. Zach says they have to go. He asks him if he should do that. Ty says goodbye to Claudia. In his own consciousness he cannot stay because of the Hope situation.

Zach decides to leave the game but Ty decides to stay.

He goes back to read his letter and Claudia comes to comfort him. Obviously, this means there is no eviction vote.

Next week is a whodunit week, which means everything will be anonymous.

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