In this week, The circle Season 4 saw yet another elimination. The most recent episodes, 9 through 12, released on Netflix on May 18, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. ET and 12:00 p.m. PT eliminated three players from the show.

Season 4 featured Alyssa Ljubicich, John Franklin (as Carol), Parker Abbott (as Paul), Josh, Crissa Jackson, Frank, Yu-Ling Wu, Brubaker (as Bru), Alex Brizard (as Nathan), and Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton (as Jared). As the finals draw closer, only a few players remain on the app-based game show to compete for the cash prize.

all about The circle Season 4 Episodes 9-12 Elimination

In episodes 9 through 12, three players – Brubaker (as Bru), John Franklin (as Carol), and Alyssa Ljubicich – were eliminated from the show.

In Episode 9, Bru decided to block Alyssa and save Carol from elimination. However, soon after, Carol was also sent home after influencers Frank and Yu-Ling saved other players via Carol.

Frank and Yu-Ling were tasked with rescuing two people directly and putting two teammates in danger. Frank chose Imani and Rachel while Yu Ling saved Nathan and Bru and put Everson and Carol in danger.

Frank and Yu-Ling eventually blocked Carol and saved Everson.

The final surprise elimination came in episode 12 when one of the lowest rated players was eliminated from the show. Since Bru was rated last, he was sent home.

Brief summary of The circle Episodes 5-8

In recent episodes, Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton (as Jared) and Crissa Jackson have been eliminated from the show, and two new players – Trevor (Catfishing as Imani) and Cruise Director Eversen – have been added to the app-based show.

In episode 8, Circle Cyber ​​Attack, The Circle faced with a data breach. The new players had to pass the antivirus to another player to be on the safe side and avoid being blocked.

New players Trevor and Eversen passed the antivirus to Frank, who passed it on to Yu Ling. Rachel and Alex also got the antivirus. Bru finally got the antivirus. He then had to decide which next player gets the antivirus and which player gets banned.

In episode 9 it was revealed that Bru blocked Alyssa and gave the antivirus to Carol.

Which players remain now The circle Season 4 finale?

Players on their way to the final of The circle and for the $150,000 grand prize, Rachel, Frank, Trevor, and Yu Ling compete alongside Everson or Nathan.

Who is eliminated in the final? Who will compete to the end? Who will be declared the winner of the game show? All of these questions will be answered in the season 4 finale, which will air on May 25, 2022.

Stream on Netflix Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. ET and 12:00 p.m. PT for all the action from the show.

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