Who Killed Sarah? Spoilers for the end of Season 3 follow.

The final of Who Killed Sarah? has more twists and turns than a box full of snakes – and they all slide to freedom.

Sara’s empty tomb, shown early in the series, led many to believe that maybe she wasn’t dead after all, adding to the plethora of unanswered questions already left in season two.

So many loose threads to tie, so let’s tie these bad boys up one at a time if you get a bit lost along the way.

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Who Killed Sara season 3 ending explained

Alex (Manolo Cardona) is searching for answers about his sister’s death and all clues point to the Medusa project he is running Who Killed Sarah? newbie dr Reinaldo (Jean Reno).

It is revealed that Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) did not die in a parachute accident, but was instead taken to Medusa, where she underwent horrifying and abusive experiments to “treat” her schizophrenia. (Hence her empty tomb shown at the beginning of the finale.)

As the season progresses, it turns out that Dr. Reinaldo tried to develop a “cure” for schizophrenia and homosexuality.

Poor Chema (Eugenio Siller) suffers the same fate as Sara. Despite being wrongfully arrested in season two, he ends up with Medusa and is tortured under the guise of rehabilitation for his homosexuality.

That’s not the only twist as we meet a young woman named Lucia. She, too, has fallen into Medusa’s tentacle-haired grasp, and her striking resemblance to Sara is no coincidence. We learn that she is in fact Sara’s daughter and that Sara was one month pregnant at the time of the parachute incident.

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Cesar (Ginés García Millán) is desperate to make amends for implicating Alex in Sara’s death and, you know, pretty much all of his bad, bad ways, so Cesar teams up with Alex. Together, they kidnap and interrogate Tonya, a senior doctor at Medusa, to find out about the facility and what happened to Sara.

Alex gets what he asked for: answers about Sara. It turns out that Sara stabbed herself and chose the fate of death instead of Dr. Being Reinaldo’s lab rat.

Overcome with anger, Alex storms Medusa in search of Dr. Reinaldo. Reinaldo tries to fight and even haggle off the hook, but Alex’s bloodlust is too great. As his ultimate revenge, he kills Dr. Reinaldo with the same electric shock device that the good doctor used on his patients.

During the chaos, several of the Medusa patients escape, including a reformed Chema and Lucia.

To continue his willingness to make amends, Cesar takes over the blanket for the death of Dr. Reinaldo and also takes the blame for the murder of Abel (which lets Chema off the hook), resulting in Chema being sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

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Cesar’s willingness to take the fall is also motivated by his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, which he has kept to himself. Knowing he won’t live long, he sees this as penance for putting Alex in prison for 18 years for Sara’s murder.

Oh, and remember Sara’s stepsister, Marifer (Litzy), who initially confessed to Alex that she cut Sara’s slide?

Well, the injuries she sustained the previous season proved fatal, and in a bittersweet ending, Sara and Marifer reunite in the afterlife, while Sara’s daughter Lucia remains in her brother’s loving care.

All episodes of Who Killed Sarah? are available on Netflix.

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