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Who is Mireille Enos? The actress is set to play Lily Devereaux in Lucky Hank

Mireille Enos, who has spent most of her acting career either involved in assassin conspiracies or fighting zombies, is ready to take on the role in lucky hanks, AMC’s Newest Drama To Also Star Better call Saul Star Bob Odenkirk.

This also marks Odenkirk’s return to AMC where he was already involved in the prestigious industry breaking Bad and its spin-off, Better call Saul, where Odenkirk took the lead.

Lucky Hank will premiere on AMC on March 19, 2023 and will follow a high school English teacher who gets into trouble after bluntly telling a writing student that he’s not the next Geoffrey Chaucer. Mireille Enos will play the role of Bob Odenkirk’s wife and principal. The synopsis for the series reads:

“William Henry “Hank” Devereaux, Jr., the unlikely chair of the English department at severely underfunded Railton College in Pennsylvania’s Rust Belt, is dealing with a mid-life crisis. Just as Hank’s life is falling apart, his wife, Lily, begins to question the path she’s on as vice principal at the local high school and the decisions she’s made.”

Mireille Enos recently revealed that she’s happy to be playing and connecting with a different kind of role.

Who is Mireille Enos and what role does she play? Lucky Hank?

Mireille Enos, born September 1975, is an American actress who is a long-time professional. She comes from a mixed family and moved to Houston, Texas when she was five years old. She was interested in acting from a young age and attended high school for performing and fine arts.

Mireille Enos soon followed with a degree in theater from Brigham Young University before making her television film debut Without consent (1994). Her feature film debut was a small role in Someone like you (2001). Enos soon got bigger roles and eventually appeared in very popular films like Dark was the night, the prisoner, the lie, And sabotage. She also left her mark on the television world with shows like Killing, HannaAnd Good omen.

In Lucky Hank, Enos will play the role of Lily, a local high school principal who finds herself in the midst of a crisis after her husband did something controversial. She spoke about her character too the wrap, Saying:

“I wanted to tell a real human story, something relatable, and something with a little bit of encouragement, hope, and humor. You know, just laugh… I was looking for something a little bit more relatable and human and maybe even funny and it took me a while to find it and then the script just popped up in my inbox.

She further added:

You know, AMC is obviously very close to my heart and amazing. And Aaron Zelman, one of the writers, also wrote The Killing. So there were many points of contact. I read it straight away and fell in love with it right away and said, “Yes, please.”

In the same interview, she also praised Bob Odenkirk.

Catch her and Bon Odenkirk in action on March 19, 2023 Lucky Hank on AMC.


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