senior year has debuted on Netflix, and the Rebel Wilson film tells the story of a 37-year-old woman who wakes up from a 20-year coma and decides to go back to high school.

One of the film’s stars, Michael Cimino, is well known for his work on the Hulu series Love, Victor and the movie Annabelle comes home.

Here’s everything we know about Cimino, from his age to his social media to his previous acting experience…

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Who is Michael Cimino?

Michael Cimino is a 22-year-old actor best known for his roles in Love, Victor and senior year. He is of Puerto Rican and Italian-German descent and was born on November 10, 1999.

Cimino has also made a name for himself in the music world after the release of his first single love addict in June 2021. The song was previewed Good morning America.

Carpool Karaoke | Season 5 Official Trailer | AppleTV+

The actor is popular on social media and has 491,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares pictures of himself, updates on his projects and interacts with fans.

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“I learned so much from this film that I can’t even explain it”

Cimino shared his excitement about his role in senior year on Instagram, where he described it as “such a fun project to participate in.”

He also paid tribute to his co-stars, saying of them, “I love these people with all my heart and soul and I’m telling you. EVERYONE. SINGLE. PERSON. There is a STAR in this film.”

The film features a brilliant cast including Rebel Wilson, Alicia Silverstone, Angourie Rice, Mary Holland and Avantika Vandanapu.

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“I got some homophobic comments – I expected that to happen.”

Cimino is known for playing Victor Dear Victor, and has opened up about his experience in the role. His character on the show is gay despite being a straight man himself.

The actor explained attitude that he received homophobic comments after taking on the role of Victor, some of which came from his own family members.

He also spoke about being a straight actor playing the role of a gay character. Cimino said he expected a backlash, stating:

“But there are some straight actors playing gay characters who are concerned with supporting LGBT rights while promoting their project, but when they’re done, a year later, it’s kind of forgotten. It’s not like that [to] be an ally, you are not supporting LGBT rights. If you’re not a true ally, then what do you do?”

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