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Who is Filomena in the Netflix animated series DOTA Dragon’s Blood?

With today’s release of Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 3, the storyline development of the main protagonists such as davion & Mirana is more advanced. However, the latest season also focuses on Filomena, Invoker and Selemene’s daughter who was revealed to the audience in Book 1 of the animated series. Filomena is also the primary reason for Invoker’s isolation and grief, as revealed in Book 1, which was released in March 2021, and became the motivation behind Invoker’s determination to save her daughter for the past two seasons. In Book 3, Filomena is seen as a key character in the final episodes of the series.

Who is Filomena?

In Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 1 in the episode “Speak the Words”, Filomena is revealed to be the daughter of Invoker & Selemene, the goddess of the moon in the Dota universe. It also revealed the reasons for the Invoker’s isolation and grief, including his toxic relationship with Selemene and his efforts to save his daughter after she contracted a fatal rash after being separated from Selemene.

Although Invoker agrees to Selemene’s terms in order to save his daughter, Filomena herself rejects the goddesses’ terms, as she wanted to gain familial love instead of one-sided devotion in which the goddess of the moon cannot provide. This led to Selemene leaving both her ex-lover and daughter to their own fate as Filomena succumbed to her diseases, leading Invoker to avenge her fallen daughter by unleashing anger on the goddess and herself in the final episode of Book 1, “A Chess Game.”

But in return, this frees up Terrorblade to wreak havoc in Book 2. Filomena continued to be mentioned in Book 2 by both Invoker and Selemene, but she was never shown on screen during the second season of the animated series.

Is Filomena a hero in Dota 2?

Currently not. But it could be a possibility in the future considering Valve added Marci as a playable character as the character garnered a lot of attention after appearing in Book 1.

Filomena as a key character in Book 3 (Book 3 Spoilers Ahead)

With today’s Book 3 premiere, Dota: Dragon’s Blood also released additional lore about Filomena if she lived in it, which is canonical in both Dragon’s Blood and Dota 2, Artifact’s Twitter account reveals. In the first episode, Invoker teams up with the protagonist’s group of Davion, Mirana, Luna, and Kaden to defeat Terrorblade in Foulfell.

After the main protagonist’s victory over Terrorblade in his domain Foulfell in the 2nd episode “Hell of Hells”, Invoker activates a spell that creates an alternate universe where he manages to save Filomena and sees her grow in the final episodes, which includes her becoming a researcher under her father’s direction and her development as a key figure to help the protagonist’s party in both realities as the insane moon approaches as part of Invoker’s experiment to save Filomena in the last two seasons .

Although she managed to thwart her father’s plans with the help of the protagonists of the last episode “Consider Phlebas”, her illness remains terminal and forces Mirana to restore the reality from which she originally came while dealing with the deaths of characters such as: as Davion & Marci become permanent again and Filomena will never exist until adulthood.

At the end of the finale, a hooded figure teased as possibly being Filomena was seen repairing the tower where Invoker once resided, as the scars of the disease were shown to be visible. Since alternate realities are canon in Dota 2, this opens up the possibility of Filomena appearing as a playable character in Dota 2.

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