If Adam Demos’ life was a rom-com, he knows what his dream job would be. “Beer distributor,” Demos told TODAY, without missing a beat.

Given his filmography, there’s a likely chance Demos will one day be cast as a beer distributor in a Netflix rom-com.

In May’s latest demo, A Perfect Pairing, he stars as a station manager who runs a farm, sheep and all in Queensland, Australia. His character Max falls in love with Lola Alvarez (Victoria Justice), a plucky wine merchant who tries to convince the station’s wealthy owner to let her sell Vaughn family wines in the United States. To prove her bravery and skills, Lola takes a job as an “jillaroo” on the farm.

A Perfect Pairing is the latest in a series of projects that capitalize on Demos’ charming Australian accent and his ability to project a swooned look, an essential ingredient for a leading man.

A perfect pairing.  (L to R) Adam Demos as Max, Victoria Justice as Lola in A Perfect Pairing.
A perfect pairing. (L to R) Adam Demos as Max, Victoria Justice as Lola in A Perfect Pairing. Vince Valitutti / Netflix

Demos previously played a contractor alongside Christina Millian on Netflix’s New Zealand set Falling Inn Love. In his most headline-grabbing role, Demos starred as a photographer on the steamy TV show Sex/Life (just google the shower scene).

Speaking to TODAY, Demos opened up about why he keeps coming back to the genre.

“The rom-com has such a special place in the world. They make people feel good. Filming it makes you have a great time and makes you feel so good too – just because of the subject. It’s a win – win,” Demos said.

Ultimately, however, Demos said he was primarily drawn to writing. He cited “Sex/Life,” a show about the sexual reawakening of a Connecticut woman (Sarah Shahi) — thanks in large part to Demos’ character — as an example.

“There are some real themes and storylines in ‘Sex/Life’. People can relate to it a lot. The writing is really incredible. It’s history and writing, not really a genre for me,” Demos said.

Did all those rom-coms teach demos about love? “Not necessarily,” Demos said. “It has already been written.” (Although Demos met his girlfriend Sarah Shahi on the set of Sex/Life).

Demos as Brad Simon in "sexuality/life."
Demos as Brad Simon in “Sex/Life”.Amanda Matlovich / Netflix

But the movies to have taught him life. “The guiding principle is, ‘Don’t get in your own way,’ Demos said. “You want to play these characters authentically. You learn a little bit about it yourself and try to make it a reality.”

With that in mind, Demos often draws on his personal life when approaching roles.

Before becoming an actor, the native Australian from Wollongong worked in construction. At 23, he enrolled in an acting class. Today, he capitalizes on that “scary, unconventional moment” when playing his characters — especially in the moments when they’re confronting their own fears.

“I have a relationship with characters that I play. They have their walls up and then they push through.”

Adam Demos

“It shows you there’s nothing to lose,” said Demo’s amazing support, my mom and buddies.”

Demos’ Sex/Life returns for a second season this summer, and Demos shows no signs of stopping his track record as a leading man beyond that.

“Hopefully I can just keep working. A lot of great people, especially Netflix, have shown confidence in me. I’m thrilled that these guys are trying to see something in me,” Demos said.

Adam Demos and Victoria Justice in "A perfect pairing"
Adam Demos and Victoria Justice in The Perfect CoupleVince Valitutti / Netflix

And what makes him an outstanding castable, the quintessential leading man? Demos is shy to answer. “You have to work your ass off and not let anyone down,” said Demos. “It would be hard for me to answer it any other way because it would make it seem like I’m a hero.”

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