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Where was Cases of Mystery Lane filmed? Cast & Locations

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ newest film, The Cases of Mystery Lane, premieres Sunday, March 19 at 7 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Central. The film stars Aimee Garcia and Paul Campbell. Read on to find out all about where The Cases of Mystery Lane was filmed and the cast involved.

The Cases of Mystery Lane was filmed in Vancouver, Canada


According to the Film and Television Industry Alliance, The Cases of Mystery Lane was filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in January 2023 with Jackie Lind (“The Nine Kittens Of Christmas”, “Lights! Camera! Christmas!”). to be casting director.

Aimee Garcia posted this hilarious video of her and Paul Campbell dancing through what looks like a warm up before “action”!

Cambell posted the two photos below, writing, “What do you get when you have THIS cool guy with (swipe photo) THIS cool girl, with (swipe photo) THIS ding dong and also (swipe photo) THIS thing- Dong and some crosses other ding-dongs and a VERY dead corpse? You get The Cases of Mystery Lane.”

Jennifer Copping shared her excitement about the film on twitter.

Jacqueline Samuda said she had a lot of fun making the film.

She was also in Vancouver in February but didn’t mention whether it was for the film or not.

Meet the cast

Hallmark’s summary is:

Birdie Case (Garcia) is a bright, successful lawyer. Her husband Alden (Campbell) is smart and charming, but his inability to commit to a career strains their marriage. When Alden takes classes behind his wife’s back in hopes of becoming a private detective, a homework assignment draws him into a murder investigation. Birdie may hold the keys to solving the mystery, but Alden needs to come clean to find out. Only Alden suspects that Birdie is hiding her own secrets.

Aimee Garcia, who plays birdie is nominated for the SAG Award according to her biography. She starred in the movie Christmas With You on Netflix and debuted at the highest possible position on the site. She is known for her role in “Lucifer”. Her other TV appearances include “Dexter”, “WOKE”, “MODOK”, “Vegas” and more.

She is also an author. Garcia collaborated with AJ Mendez to write a sequel to 47 Ronin for Universal. She also wrote a story for the anthology Wonder Woman Black and Gold and she co-wrote the comic book series Glow for IDW Publishing, based on the Netflix series.

According to his bio, Campbell (Alden in the film) was a leading member of the cast of CTV’s “Spun Out.” Since then he has built an extensive body of work, including starring in popular Hallmark Channel original films, which he also wrote, Christmas by Starlight; “Wedding Every Weekend;” “The Last Bridesmaid”; “Surprised by Love” and “Sun, Sand & Romance”; among other. Campbell has appeared in Hearts of Christmas and A Godwink Christmas, both produced by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Campbell’s most recent appearances on the Hallmark Channel have been in the films “Dating the Delaneys” and “The Santa Stakeout” along with the hit “Three Wise Men & a Baby” (which he also co-wrote). Role on the Disney+ series Turner & Hooch, acted on the ABC show Take Two, and had a role on Battlestar Galactia.

Also starring in the film:

  • Jennifer Copping
  • Jacqueline Samuda
  • Matt Hamilton
  • Philip Granger
  • Jeffrey CR Wallace

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