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Where to buy the Daisy Tumbler from the Netflix series Do Revenge?

Fall weather and the flu had me curled up on the couch shamelessly streaming Netflix earlier this week take revenge. With Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke as Miami preschool outcasts, it immediately brightened my mood as it was full of unusually colorful costumes and props. Most striking to me were the pastel colored drinking glasses worn by Mendes’ character Drea in several key scenes. Decorated with vinyl daisies, they’re perfect for sipping while you compete against the popular kids. Although I recently graduated from high school, I set out to find where I could buy one.

An initial Google search led me to the Etsy shop HandcraftedByKarli, which sells mugs decorated with daisies in the same shades of light blue and yellow seen in the film. But when I contacted the seller, she correctly pointed it out she Daisies have more petals than those pictured take revenge. A dead end.

I applied with the abandon of an Ivy League hopeful and began searching TikTok to find the eight-petal daisies in question. Various comment sections revealed that the original Daisy Cup seller was another small brand, Fun Time Studios. Founder Samantha Spellman has been selling mugs since 2019, first on Etsy and then through her own webshop. She told me that on the phone take revenge‘s The production team reached out to her about a year ago when they were still using the working title strangers, and ordered 15 cups. She forgot all about the sales until she literally streamed the film herself over the weekend: “I was like, ‘Wait a minute.’ I stopped in the middle to make a TikTok.”

Here’s the bad news: The mugs sold out almost immediately after Spellman posted their TikTok, and the experience was a little underwhelming. Previously, she only shipped one or two products a week, and the daisies were actually one of her less popular designs. (“My niche is creepy stuff like skeletons and bats.”)

Spellman has no plans to restock the daisy cups — she’s actually moving away from cups in general and refocusing her energy on t-shirts and tote bags. But after receiving impassioned pleas from take revenge For fans, she offers customers a DIY solution by selling sheets of her original daisy stickers. She says these can be applied to any drinking vessel you already own: “Put them on your Stanley or your Yeti — I use mine to decorate my laptop.”

To accurately recreate the sold out design, order the decals along with a mug from Spellman’s wholesale supplier Evalaxx. She says Evalaxx cups have a unique “soft, rubberized feel” in the hand. They’re also double-walled, because revenge is a drink best served in isolation.

Fun Time Studios Daisy Stickers

Evalaxx Soft Matte drinking glasses 24oz

Dad jacket from The Mighty Company

Drea drapes a custom pink version of this textured leather jacket over her preschool uniform.

Miracle Eye The Marigold Sun Hat

Miracle Eye Jane Jumpsuit in Marigold

Eleanor by Maya Hawke wears this ’70s jumpsuit and hat combo by Latina brand Miracle Eye as she and Drea break into the school’s greenhouse and discover their target Carissa’s secret cannabis plants, giving them the perfect fodder for their deliver revenge. Miracle Eye also makes reusable face masks that are popular with cool teens and college students.

We also see Eleanor reading a copy of strangers on a train, as a nod to the film’s source material.

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