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Where to buy studios in Dubailand

Welcome to Dubailand! The legendary world’s largest collection of theme parks, even larger than Walt Disney World Resort.

This project will require approximately $64 billion to bring to life and has been under construction since the early 2000s. The trip was not smooth due to financial constraints and the 2008 economic meltdown. Still, it’s like a promising tree that will bloom when it’s ready (although we may not be able to predict when that will be, the success of the real estate business depends on when it’s cheapest to buy and harvest, when the surface materializes).

Disneyland is divided into six mega-zones of leisure zones/areas/subs, namely:

  1. Attractions and Experiences – This zone is home to Trump World Golf Club, officially opened in 2017, Akoya Oxygen, Fantasia and Kid World to name a few.
  2. Sports and Outdoor World – Proposed to be a sports excursion center for tourists worldwide. It will be 4km2 and will house Dubai Sports City, Golf City, Snowdome and Sports World.
  3. Eco-Tourism World – Proposed to house the Wildlife, Biodome and Dune Hotel. The essence of this theme park is to generate tourism from eco materials and developments.
  4. Themed leisure and holiday world – including the Andalusian resorts and spas, the women’s world and the desert kingdom.
  5. Retail and Entertainment World includes the world’s largest international markets and factory outlets.
  6. Downtown – Last but not least, a virtual game world, elite towers and a city tour.

There are many doubts today about the realization of this ambitious project, especially considering how long the projects have taken with no definite timetable for completion. But as mentioned before, this moment of brief uncertainty is a signal for investors looking to buy apartments in Dubai UAE. Dubailand has gone too far to be demolished entirely at the moment and an investment in the area will pay off in the long run.

What to expect from this article.

Read on to learn where to buy studios in Dubailand and get other useful tips before you do.

Places for sale studios in Dubailand

Many residential areas have now developed in Dubailand as companies seize the opportunity to invest in the area and attract tourists. Here are some places where you can find studios and studio apartments for sale in Dubailand.

  • Sherena Residence – What’s not to wish for in Dubailand’s exquisite Sherena Residence? These modern apartments have many lifts to avoid congestion and a communal pool in the center of the residence. The rooms are spacious and built with modern design and artificial finishing. Studios are currently very available and will sell out quickly in 2022.
  • Al Majan – Al Majan is in the heart of or near every dope location in Dubailand; starting from the Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club to the complexes and residences. The good news about owning an apartment here is that it sells very well and is often occupied by tourists. In addition, studios in Al Majan are reasonably priced and not too expensive compared to their counterparts.
  • Living Legends – Living Legends lives up to its reputation and has some of the most amazing amenities for passers-by and residents. It has proximity to Maktoum International Airport and lots of perks for kids and hangouts for couples. Although far from other major shopping centres, the living legend is well serviced by the Carrefour supermarket and is home to a large golf course.
  • Skycourts Towers – 21 floors of grandeur with access to Emirates Road and other local routes and just behind the Academic City. The towers each have 5 elevators to facilitate the mobility of the residents and are only a stone’s throw away from the IMG worlds of experience.
  • Dubailand Oasis – Although best known for freehold properties, you may want to consider buying a studio apartment at Dubailand Oasis. Whatever the plan or contract, the Dubailand Oasis is a deal guaranteed to reap big rewards down the road.
  • Wavez Residence – Wavez by Danube Properties makes this list of the best places to buy studios in Dubailand. The residence has all the first class facilities you can imagine, be it a swimming pool, gyms, green landscape, etc. It also has video surveillance systems equipped for security and air conditioning for maximum comfort. The buildings are also modern and sophisticated.
  • Al Rabia Tower – With 29 floors, jacuzzi and saunas and many pleasant facilities, Al Rabia Tower is next on the list of places to buy studios in Dubailand. This gigantic tower features 2-3 bedroom apartments equipped with swimming pools, ample parking and a gym. You can reach the tower via the metro stations or bus station, or drive via the local road.
  • Villanova – Very close to the Dubai Outlet Mall where you can buy almost everything from groceries to household items, Villanova is one of the best places to shop for studios. The Villanova was designed to be family and community friendly; As such there is a communal pool and playground for children and tracks for joggers. There are more villas in Villanova, but every now and then you can find studio apartments for sale.

Other important locations for buying studios in Dubailand are Falcon City of Wonders, Rukan, Layan etc which are all great places to look at when looking for studio apartments in Dubailand.


There you have it! A comprehensive list of the coolest places to buy studios in Dubailand. Due to the ongoing works in Dubailand, local residents often complain about the noise from the construction sites; If you’re buying for residential use, this is a factor you might want to think about.

Also, you’ll find that some communities have more villas or townhouses, but don’t get distracted; Most of the time you will find towers/buildings that also have studios for sale. A standard studio apartment costs at least AED 1 million; To get accurate listings and view available properties, read more on the official website https://emirates.estate/.

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