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Where fans have seen Timothy McGee actor Sean Murray before

fans are watching NCIS Season 20 is excited to see what comes next after an exciting premiere. Episode 2 of the season features Special Agent Timothy McGree center and center, and actor Sean Murray has already started talking about what’s to come in the new episode. So, where have fans seen actor Sean Murray before? Here’s what you should know.

“NCIS” Season 20 Episode 2 features Special Agent Timothy McGee actor Sean Murray

Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy McGee in NCIS season 20
Special Agent Timothy McGee | Bill Inoshita/CBS

NCIS Episode 2 of Season 20, titled “Daddy Issues,” focuses on Special Agent Timothy McGee, played by Sean Murray. “McGee’s personal and professional lives intersect when a father from his children’s school is linked to a government storage bunker break-in,” reads the synopsis.

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