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When will the Waipahu pool reopen?

September 25 – Question: I have been informed that the VMAC pool at Central Oahu Regional Park will be converted to a saltwater pool.

Question : I have been informed that the VMAC pool at Central Oahu Regional Park is being converted to a saltwater pool. Do you have any information about this?

Answer: The chlorination system at the K. Mark Takai Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center is changing to one that uses salt to produce chlorine to clean the pool water, said Nathan Serota, spokesman for the Oahu Department of Parks and Recreation.

It will not be a seawater pool. The pool remains filled with fresh water to which a limited amount of salt is added; A salt chlorine generator supports a chemical reaction that converts salt into chlorine as a cleaning agent. The pool’s pump will be modified for the new system, he said.

The salt-chlorine generator will be more environmentally friendly and is part of a larger energy savings contract that the department will announce more details about in the coming weeks, Serota said.

You are one of several readers who are concerned that in such a large, well-used pool, a salt chlorine system will be more difficult to maintain than the current chlorination system, potentially disrupting usage. The city does not foresee any maintenance issues as a result of this change.

The salt chlorine generator has yet to be installed, Serota said. The 50-meter VMAC pool was closed last week for maintenance and modifications to prepare for the upcoming revamp, as well as to fix an unrelated leak, he said. It reopened on Saturday.

We’ve received a flood of questions about public pools on Oahu. Here are more answers.

Q: When will the Pearl City pool reopen? It had been closed for so long they could have dug a whole new pool.

A: When the swimming pool at Pearl City District Park closed on November 1, 2018, city officials said it would take nearly a year to complete extensive repairs and upgrades. Now, almost four years later, the city lists the pool as “closed until further notice” and provides status updates on six aspects of the work, but no expected reopening date for the pool overall. Read status updates at 808ne.ws /pool.

There are “too many moving parts” to give a reopening date, but it won’t be this year, Serota said Friday. “It’s safe to say that the pool will be closed by 2022. We are committed to reopening it and will provide updates to the public as soon as possible,” he said.

Q: Ouch! We need a lifeguard hirer! Our pool could be open every day except for the staff shortage.

A: The city is recruiting part-time lifeguards for Oahu’s public pools, jobs that are available to people ages 16 and older and that start at $16.25 an hour. Applicants must be certified in CPR/First Aid. People interested in these jobs can go to for more information and a link to apply.

Two upcoming lifeguard training courses, open to those ages 15 and older, will help applicants become certified so they can apply. A full day course is planned for the first two weekends of October in Kaneohe and an evening course for October 3-7 in Waikele. Both include lifeguard and CPR/first aid training. For more information, see the aforementioned website. The Waikele course is offered by the Department of Parks and Recreation at a discounted rate of $41.

The same website lists the locations of public pools on Oahu, as well as the phone numbers for each facility. Swimmers are encouraged to call ahead of time for free swim, lap, and class hours and closures.

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