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When will Surviving Summer season 1 air on Netflix? Trailer, release date and other details examined

Experience Australian surfing life with Netflix’s upcoming drama, survive summerin this week.

Directed by Ben Chessel, Sian Davis and Charlotte George, the series follows a rebellious Brooklyn teenager who is sent to live with an Australian family in the tiny town of Shorehaven, Victoria, Australia.

Despite her best efforts, Summer falls in love with the city, the people, and surfing. It was created by Emmy-nominated producer Joanna Werner along with Josh Mapleston.

Here’s everything viewers need to know about the upcoming season of survive summer.

When is season 1 of survive summer likely to be broadcast?

survive summer will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 3 at 3:01 p.m. EST. Joanna Werner and Stuart Menzies will serve as executive producers on the series, with the first season consisting of 10 episodes, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

The series stars Sky Katz as Summer Torres, Kai Lewins as Ari Gibson, Savannah La Rain as Bodhi Mercer, Joao Marinho as Marlon Sousa, Lilliana Bowrey as Poppy Tetanui, Dustin Clare as Thommo, Chris Alosio as Manu, and Asmara Feik as Honey Starring Natalia Bond as Freya, Mitchell Hardaker as Griff Temple, Cantona Stewart as Prawnie Tetanui, Tatiana Hotere as Luciana Sousa and Ilai Swindells as Nico.

The official synopsis of the Australian series reads:

“Expelled from school and exiled to Australia, a rebellious New York teenager makes waves in a young surfer’s inner circle – and leaves chaos in her wake.”

The series also stars Danielle Horvat, Kate Beahan, Jackson Gallagher, Sheena Reyes and Richie Fitzgerald. It is a co-production between Netflix, Werner Film Productions and the German public television broadcaster ZDF Enterprises.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming series

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The official trailer too survive summer was released early last month and featured Summer Torres proud of being kicked out of several exclusive private schools. To calm her down, her family sent her to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. She was then greeted by a stupidly optimistic host family who welcomed her at the cutesy airport.

Initially, Torres disliked surfing, which, according to her new adoptive sister, “is all that’s talked about in this town.” But eventually she finds her new favorite sport and her own community.

It could be the empowerment she felt, or the grounding feeling of taking on the waves, or just young men, but Torres knows what she wants.

survive summer was filmed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from March 2021 to May 2021. The series follows a rebellious teenager who is forced to move to Australia and ends up falling in love with the city, the people and surfing.

The series will also delve into the goofy fair play of high school life in different zones, like Summer’s big move from Brooklyn to a small town where she’ll have an alternative life experience. Viewers will see all the ups and downs of life through the eyes of a teenager.

The series will entertain tweens and teens with its sunny setting and cross-continental relationship drama, and is particularly appealing to all young surfers looking for role models.

electricity survive summer on Netflix Friday June 3rd.

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