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What’s trending in the metaverse for consumers

Consumers who engage with Metaverse-style virtual environments are interested in a range of industries and activities. Top of the list of interests is according to a new study by Reach 3 Insights, which surveyed 401 consumers over the summer.

The results explain some of the live events and connections brands are launching in the Metaverse on platforms like Decentraland and Roblox.

For marketers still in the waiting or planning stages of their Metaverse debut, this could help focus efforts where the interest is. Earlier this year, our own MarTech survey found that more than half of marketers plan to launch a Metaverse either in the next year (25.8%) or in the next five years (25.4%).

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Hot Metaverse Topics. Consumers were asked what topics would interest them in connection with virtual experiences or products. Here are the topics in descending order:

  • music, 68%
  • Travel/ Tourism, 58%
  • Shopping/Virtual Stores, 53%
  • Live events, 53%
  • Play, 52%
  • Education/learning, 52%
  • Social/Virtual Gatherings, 51%
  • groceries, 42%
  • health, 41%
  • Technology, 35%
  • Fashion, 29%
  • beauty, 27%
  • drinks, 20%
  • Something else, 3%

The high interest in music explains why iHeartMedia recently launched a hub in the popular 3D game Fortnite. And interest in games shows some crossover appeal among game audiences who are early adopters of Metaverse experiences.

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age demographics. The survey was relatively evenly split between Gen Z (88 respondents), Millennials (101), Gen X (136), and Boomers (76).

Older participants raised average for interest in travel, with only 48% of Gen Z and 50% of Millennials being interested in the topic.

Younger participants were more interested in beauty and fashion, with Gen Z showing 43% and 44% interest in these topics, respectively. Younger consumers are clearly interested in Metaverse activations related to fashion and beauty.

Under Armor’s ongoing Curry brand activations show strong engagement and upside potential on the Metaverse. (They sold thousands of $333 worth of virtual NFT wearables in minutes.)

Why we care. If your brand is lower on the hot topic list, think about how to connect your brand to an interest higher up. Take drinks (20%), for example. PepsiCo has spent over a decade carving out a place in the gaming community so they are ready to attract users to the metaverse.

And from Under Armor’s playbook, Starpower can also engage their audience in the Metaverse for your brand. Just as all kinds of categories sponsor live music events in the real world, we expect a similar power in virtual concerts and celebrity meet-ups.

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