when you play Fourteen days, you may have a challenge that requires you to deal melee damage to opponents. There were a handful of melee weapons everywhere Fortnite’s Existence. In fact, however, there is quite a bit to learn about the various melee weapons in Fortnite. So here’s everything you need to know about melee damage Fourteen days and what weapons fall into the category.

All melee weapons in Fortnite

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Melee weapons in Fourteen days aren’t always the best way to take down enemies, but they can be used to flex against opponents provided you have the ability to dodge shots and knock someone down with a good old wham bam.

However, most melee weapons fit into one category. The simplest form of Fourteen days Melee weapons are the harvesting tool variants.

Ever since skinless characters began swinging their axes against trees and walls to collect mats and loot chests, there have been countless different pickaxe options, all dealing the same amount of damage.

In Fourteen daysThere is currently only one other weapon in the game that could fall into the melee category and that is the recently added shockwave hammer, which has different stats from pickaxes. Technically, the Shockwave Hammer is not a melee weapon as it falls into the utility class due to its movement buffs.

Previous melee weapons that are now gone forever are lightsabers and other mythical blades.

Fortnite melee damage stats

Mythic melee damage has changed over the years, but the harvesting tool has always stayed the same.

So here’s how much damage you can do with it Fourteen days Melee Weapons:

Current Fortnite Melee Weapons:

  • harvesting tools
  • (shockwave hammer)
weapon damage to players damage to structures
harvesting tools 20 50/75
(shockwave hammer) 75/125 400/600

Previous Fortnite melee weapons

weapon damage to players damage to structures
Lateral scythe 40/42/44/46 40/42/44/46
Infinity Blade 24/75 600
Lightsaber (Red, Blue, Green, Purple) 25/45/150 25/45/150
Darth Vader’s lightsaber 25/45/60/150 25/45/60/150
king man 50/55/60/75/100 75/300/1,000
Wolverine’s claws 25/35 40/50
She-Hulk’s fists 40/45/100 80
Amban sniper rifle 110 45
howling claws 35 150
Thor’s Stormbreaker 200/225 600
flag 20 75
Simple sword 20 10
Simple hammer 25 40
Predator Claw (not available to players) 20/20/30 100/100/200

While getting the final kill with a pickaxe is fairly flexible, it might be better if you’re better off with a shotgun or a Mythic if you don’t want to wear away 20 damage on every hit Fourteen days melee weapon.

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