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What We Played #569 – Splatoon 3, Deathloop & Steelrising

Another week down and Friday is even more welcome than previous weeks after a few days of visitation from that pesky virus (it’s mean, you don’t want to mess with it). In the meantime I’ve played ORX, Horizon Zero Dawn, Splatoon 3 and Farthest Frontier, which was really nice.

Gareth’s played through three sections of Valhalla. He tells us: “It’s still buggy, fiddly, not murderous (seriously, they’re hardly in the game), stupid kill animations that take way too long and interrupt the flow of combat, and all side content is 1-2 minutes per Piece and is awful but I’m just holding on to see how Sigurd progresses despite the 1 minute of this story I’m getting per 5 hours of gameplay that I’m stuck with at the moment. He continued, “I also subscribed to Game Pass PC, found it didn’t include streaming which made it basically useless to me without a graphics card, tried Fallout 2 and then gave up. It was only £1 it’s fine.”

Tuffcub played D…D…. D…. death loop! Aha! After the surprise, he told us: “It looks great, sounds great, I love the acting, it’s very bioshocky and … I really don’t want to play it anymore, I guess I will again because of the fast and smooth character though.” he moves, he has no weight. I don’t move like that, so it just doesn’t feel right. I need Killzone or God for War issue or my tanky titan in Destiny 2. I’ve played that too. Obviously oddly enough, I didn’t have the same problem with The Pathless as I played, but perhaps because that character is clearly not a human male.”

aran finished Horizon Forbidden West and got platinum for it. After all this time he said, “What a really good game, with an excellent world to explore and a great story.”

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Varl

Nick B didn’t get a chance to play Yu-Gi-Oh again because he was playing the new game Monkey Island. He’s also been to EGX and has played some fun stuff, including Rhythm Towers, a rhythm-based tower defense game, and a bunch of VR games “which was fun.”

Nick P finished Cult of the Lamb “which has been great!” He’s also started Steelrising, which “has been fine so far. It’s basically Bloodborne in Paris, but not that good.” He also returned to Overwatch, playing Fortnite and DBD. In the meantime, farewell played Streets of Rage 4 survival mode. He says: It is so very good!”

Serial cleaning sitcom

Finally, teflon starred Serial Cleaners, “which was fun with its ’90s crime drama and retro vibes but had some clear boundaries for its stealth action.”

What about you? What did you play?


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