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Relationship issues take center stage for streamers, with the highly anticipated premiere conversations with friends, the new adaptation by Sally Rooney by the same team that made it normal people; the second season of made of love a futuristic black comedy about a woman trying to escape her toxic husband; and the valet, a classic romcom about a Hollywood starlet who enters into a fake relationship with a stranger to avoid scandal. Here’s our roundup of the best new titles coming to Apple TV Plus, CBC Gem, Prime Video, Netflix, Crave and Disney Plus this week.

Prime video

conversations with friends

After the resounding success of normal people, The creative team behind the scenes has reunited to adapt millennials’ favorite author’s debut novel about unhappy lovers. There’s an even more complicated relationship at the heart of the story, about two college-age friends and ex-boyfriends (played by Sasha Lane and newcomer Alison Oliver) whose deep bond falls apart when their life with an elderly couple ( Jemima) is intertwined Kirke and Joe Alwyn). Stream now

night sky

In this sci-fi mystery series, an elderly couple (Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons) discover a portal leading to an unknown planet buried in their backyard. They decide to keep their otherworldly door a secret and get on with their lives – until a mysterious man (Chai Hansen) shows up in the hidden chamber. May 20th

Made for Love: Season 2

The last time we saw Hazel (Cristin Milioti) in surprising glee was the black comedy’s first season made of love Things were tough. She was forced to return to Byron (Billy Magnussen), her controlling and toxic billionaire tech husband, to help treat her ailing father (Ray Romano). Back in her scary high-tech mansion, Hazel must find a way to take down Byron once and for all. May 20th


A perfect pairing

This cheesy but cute rom-com starring Victoria Justice is best enjoyed after a stressful day when you just want to dress up in something to turn your brain off and do other things (cook dinner, scroll through IG) without missing too many plot details. It follows an ambitious wine manager who volunteers to work alongside a handsome local man on an Australian ranch to impress a big potential client. Enjoy! Stream now

Love on the US Spectrum

Originally from Australia and documenting a group of people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of love, dating and romance, this heartwarming reality show format makes its way to the USA. Stream now

CBC gem

Twenties: Season 2

Lena Waithes Twenties is a hangout show with a fun group of friends that every viewer would wish to be a part of. It follows the lives of Hattie (Jonica T. Gibbs), a queer black woman, and her two straight BFFs, Marie (Christina Elmore) and Nia (Gabrielle Graham). In season two, Hattie tries to get her life together, find love, and make a name for herself in Hollywood. How hard could it be? May 20th


now and then

Set in Miami, this bilingual thriller begins with a group of college friends whose lives are turned upside down when a weekend of partying ends in the death of one of them. Twenty years later, the group reunites over a blackmail threat for their reunion, putting them back in the crosshairs of the determined detective (Rosie Perez) who was involved in the original case. May 20th



The movie that released last summer’s most memorable memes is finally making its way to streaming. M. Night Shyamalan’s 14th feature film may not be pure horror, but its premise, which follows a group of people on a trip to a secluded beach where they begin to age rapidly, is as chilling as some of his other works. Talk about nightmare stuff—and a good reminder to apply SPF before upcoming beach trips. May 20th

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Season 7

After years of screaming Drag Race The possessed finally get what they want: a All stars Season that features a cast of previous reality competition winners. With legendary super queens vying for a chance at a second crown, there’s more drama and twists than ever before, as well as a star-studded cast of special guests including Cameron Diaz and the one and only Naomi Campbell. May 20th


The valet

When movie star Olivia (Samara Weaving) is caught by the paparazzi with her married lover, she decides to do the only logical thing to avoid a public relations disaster: impersonate Antonio (Eugenio Derbez), the hard-working valet who was also accidentally captured in the incriminating photo, she is real Friend. May 20th

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