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What is the release date of The Other Two Season 3 on HBO Max?

After almost two years, viewers can look forward to a treat. Yes, The Other Two Season 3 is happening! Recently, HBO Max also announced the release date for the same. The series premiered in January 2019 and became an instant hit on Comedy Central. Shortly thereafter, it moved to HBO Max for its second season, which premiered in 2021. Now it’s time for series fans to treat themselves to The Other Two Season 3 soon. If you’re looking forward to The Other Two Season 3, read on.

The Other Two Season 3 release date

First and foremost, The Other Two Season 3 will be released on Thursday, May 4th. Interestingly, The Other Two Season 3 filming took place during the pandemic. However, with the current start date, we know it will also house the present in the series. Additionally, The Other Two season is expected to feature 3 story arcs related to Covid-19.

But don’t worry, it’s not a Covid show! Chris Kelly, the show’s executive producer, who first announced the season 3 release date, gave the same assurance. Chris said they are three years in the future. In addition, all characters are affected in one way or another. The creators have taken various humorous paths.

What is the release date of The Other Two Season 3 on HBO Max?

The Other Two Season 3: Cast

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The main cast who will return for the third season are Drew Tarver as Cary and Helene Yorke as Brooke. Other line-ups returning for the upcoming season include the following names:

  • Josh Segarra
  • Richard Art
  • Kate
  • Berlant
  • Jimmy Fowlie
  • Brandon Scott Jones
  • Wanda Syke
  • Ken Marino

There will be many new guest stars in Season 3 of The Other Two. The confirmed list of guest stars includes the names listed below:

  • Simu Liu
  • Finn Argus
  • Ann Dowd
  • Edie Falko
  • Ben Platt
  • Dylan o’brien -> actor
  • Luke Gauge


Season three doesn’t pretend to viewers that the pandemic didn’t happen. The creators designed The Other Two Season 3 to make viewers feel like they were watching something current and real. In the second season, both Brooke and Cary found success. However, success does not mean that they can say goodbye to their problems. The Other Two Season 3 will time warp. Nevertheless, the viewer can expect a humiliation of the character.

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No wonder, because the USP of the series lies in the intersection of merriment and humiliation. The exact plot of the third season is currently still under wraps. The synopsis of The Other Two season 3 is reportedly under wraps as the creators have yet to finalize all episodes. The editorial process for the series is currently underway. We’ll update the section once the official synopsis of the series is out.

The Other Two season 3 trailer

The trailer for The Other Two Season 3 isn’t out yet. Fortunately, the creators have released the first look photos of the series. Also, these images clearly show fans what to expect from The Other Two Season 3. In the first picture, Cary is taking a selfie in front of a gay bar and Pat is in her girl boss era. Also, three tall men can be seen in the background as she sits at the boardroom table. In another picture, Brooke is wearing a space suit with the “Alpha Dawn” logo on it.

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The creators have quoted that the upcoming season is the show’s most ambitious one, and they’ve made a lot of big swings. Also, they’ve opted for a grand premise to keep things interesting for viewers as well as them.

That’s all we have to share with you. We’ll bring more info about the plot and the trailer once it’s out.


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