What is Bonde? This cute social media app is taking Asia by storm

Tired of using the same old social networking apps that only let you text your friends and scroll through their feeds? Look no further than Bondee, the newest and most exciting social networking platform out there.

This new social media platform currently conquering Asia appears to be the result of combining the poignant simulation of The Sims, the gorgeous graphics of Animal Crossing, and the community feel of a social media platform like Facebook. Ready for Bondee?

What is Bonde?

Developed by Singapore-based tech firm Metadream, Bondee has one differentiator that sets it apart from its competitors: 3D animated avatars that users can fully customize.

Imagine chatting with your friends and letting your avatar participate in virtual activities like camping, swinging, dancing and sailing. It’s like a virtual world where you can be or do anything.

Bondee has quickly become one of the most popular apps in Asia since it was first launched this January. Users from across the region have praised it for being customizable to their liking and offering interactive activities.

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As reported by NME, it ranked first in the Social Networking category on the App Store in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Bondee is among the top ten apps in Japan but has yet to crack the top ten in South Korea.

How to get started with Bondee

Signing up for a Bondee account is easy; All you have to do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play, create an account and customize an avatar that reflects your personality.

One of Bondee’s best features is the ability to add friends to chat and participate in virtual activities. Bondee offers a unique and exciting way to connect with others, whether meeting old friends or making new ones. You can even customize your spaces with furniture and accessories to take your virtual experience to the next level.

Aside from standard SMS options, there are also custom emojis and actions that affect both users in a game chat (think Facebook custom avatar emojis).

Users can even use a sailing feature to send their avatars out into the digital world and meet random users to befriend them. Bondee currently allows you to add up to 50 friends.

Is Bondee free to play?

While Bondee is free to download, B-Beans requires in-app purchases. You can use these to buy virtual outfits, furniture and accessories for your avatar or room. The app also offers a limited free trial for some outfits that may need to be purchased with B-Beans after the trial period is over.

Here’s a quick look at the purchase price of the in-game currency that NME first shared.

  • 100 B Beans – S$1.48/RM4.90/THB35/PHP 49/JPY160/KRW1,500
  • 500 B Beans – S$6.98/RM23.90/THB179/PHP 249/JPY800/KRW7,500
  • 1000 B Beans – S$14.98/RM44.90/THB349/PHP 499/JPY1,600/KRW15,000
  • 2000 B Beans – S$28.98/RM94.90/THB729/PHP999/JPY3,200/KRW30,000
  • 3000 B Beans – S$44.98/RM144.90/THB1,100/PHP1,490/JPY4,800/KRW 45,000
  • 5000 B Beans – S$68.98/RM239.90/THB1,800/PHP2,390/JPY8,000/KRW79,000

In May 2022, Metadream acquired the intellectual property rights to and founded Bondee.

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