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What Happens in Michelle Monaghan’s Hulu Horror Movie?

Spring is in the air, but there’s never a wrong time to watch a horror movie – like Horror Movie 2022 bloodnow streaming on Hulu.

Directed by Brad Anderson and written by Will Honley, blood is a film about a mother who sacrifices almost everything for her child, who is literally a monster. While the film itself isn’t a revelation, it’s worth watching just for actress Michelle Monaghan’s lead. In addition to her role in the mission impossibleIn the movies, Monaghan has recently been featured in a Scream Queen kick, including the critically acclaimed Sundance horror film nannywhich was released on Amazon Prime last December.

But in blood, Monaghan becomes the hero, not the villain. In fact, Monaghan’s character is in blood should get some sort of Mother of the Year award. Like many horror movies blood keeps it vague when it comes to why exactly all these horrible things are happening. If you’re confused, don’t worry – Decider is here to help. Read on for those blood Synopsis of the film plot and the blood end explained.

blood Movie plot summary:

Jess (Michelle Monaghan) is a recovering drug addict and nurse trying to retain custody of her two children through a messy divorce. Her ex-husband Patrick (Skeet Ulrich) gets the house, so Jess moves their two children into her aunt’s old house. While exploring outside, the two children – Tyler (Skylar Morgan Jones) and her younger brother Owen (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong) – stumble upon a dried up lake containing a spooky dead tree and the skeleton of a large animal. The family dog ​​Pippin jumps into the lake and gets stuck in the mud. The children manage to free the dog, but their problems are just beginning.

After the incident at the lake, Pippin the dog becomes increasingly nervous and eventually runs away. Owen is desperate. In the middle of the night, Pippin returns… but he’s completely wild. Pepin attacks
Owen biting his neck. Jess manages to kill the dog and takes her son to the hospital. Owen’s vitals don’t look good. He’s lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion. Suddenly he wakes up and like a vampire drinks the blood bag next to his bed. Et voila! Everything better. After seeing Owen get better after drinking blood twice, Jess realizes that this is the only treatment that can help her son.

Jess takes Owen home and steals blood from the hospital to feed him. When the hospital realizes that blood is being lost and security is tightened, Jess begins drawing rabbits for blood. When that doesn’t seem to be working so well for Owen, she draws blood from herself. But she cannot bear the loss of blood and becomes groggy at inopportune times. Jess hatches a plan to kidnap an old lady in the hospital who previously asked Jess about assisted suicide options. This old lady has cancer, has only a year to live and has no family or friends. Jess offers the wife Helen a ride home. Helen tells Jess that she found the will to live after all. Oops! Jess goes ahead and drugs Helen and kidnaps her anyway. She keeps her alive, but regularly drains Helen of fresh blood.

Tyler discovers Helen tied up in the basement and Jess confesses everything. Tyler agrees to keep the secret and help keep her brother alive. Unfortunately, Owen is getting worse and needs more and more blood. Helen escapes the basement and impales herself on the wire fence. Owen drinks them dry and is pretty much a full vampire now. Social Services come to take Jess’s kids away because Owen hasn’t been to school in weeks. At her father’s house, Owen nearly kills his half-little sister in search of more blood. Remembering the strange tree by the lake, Tyler decides to take Owen to the tree and burn it down. She believes this will heal him. Why? Don’t worry!

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blood The ending of the 2022 film explained:

When her ex-husband accuses Jess of hiding the children in their house, Jess recalls Tyler trying to tell her mother about the tree by the lake just before they were taken away. She realizes that her children have gone there. Jess shows up at the lake just in time: Owen, in vampire mode, was about to kill his sister and drink her blood. Mom manages to save Tyler and subdue Owen. Tyler screams that Owen isn’t himself anymore. Jess takes these words to heart, after a fight she kills Owen by suffocating him in the mud under the spooky tree.

Jess and Tyler manage to make Owen’s death look like an accident, but Jess still loses custody of Tyler. At the end of the film, Tyler hugs her mother and reassures her that she did the right thing by killing Owen. In the very last scene of the movie, Jess burns that creepy dead tree.

What does it mean, what does it all mean? Honest? Nothing! blood doesn’t bother explaining why that mud and dead tree turned Pippin and then Owen into a vampire, nor does it explain why Tyler thought burning him was the solution, aside from the fact that he apparently been burned before. All we know is that another vampire creature probably drowned in the mud, hence the animal skeleton. If you’re looking for a metaphor, you could say that Owen literally sucked his mother dry, reflecting the way mothers sacrifice everything for their children.

My advice? Don’t think about it. It’s a goofy horror movie on Hulu. It’s more about vibes than making sense.

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