What games did Summit1G 2022 play on Twitch?

Twitch star Jaryd “summit1G” Lazar has come a long way since he was a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. Lazar’s in-game alias is a staple of the first-person shooter (FPS) community and is now synonymous with battle royale, survival games, and GTA V.

For over a decade, the streamer, content creator, and headshot extraordinaire has impressed with his in-depth knowledge and mechanical prowess of any game involving a weapon.

Summit1G started streaming back in 2012 when he was mainly just playing CS:GO while actively competing as a professional gamer. After a brief, unsuccessful stint as a CS:GO pro, Lazar became a full-time streamer in 2016. Since becoming a streamer, he has amassed over 6.17 million followers on Amazon’s purple platform.

Lazar has become one of the most popular variety show streamers on Twitch, averaging just under 22,000 viewers per stream. Thousands regularly flock to watch him play popular titles like Day, Fortnite, Escape from Tarkov and Rust.

Summit1G played popular games like CS:GO, Sea of ​​Thieves and Grand Theft Auto 5 on Twitch in 2022

5) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

After playing in the CS:GO Tier 2 and Tier 3 competitive scene for over seven years, it’s no surprise that Summit1G continues with Valve’s title.

According to Twitch Tracker records, Lazar streamed CS:GO for over 268 hours in 2022, which accounts for about 6.5% of his total stream time for the year. On average, Summit1G’s CS streams reached approximately 16.5,000 viewers, with a concurrent peak of 34,380 viewers for the year.

4) Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves was Summit1G’s fourth most played game of 2022. Lazar spent just over 283 hours, 6.9% of his total stream time for the year. Despite being his fourth most popular title played on stream, Sea of ​​Thieves has averaged about 20,369 viewers, ranking second in average viewership.

Despite having a large audience per stream, he only managed the highest number of concurrent viewers at 33,012 users, the fourth-highest total among the top five titles he streamed most on Twitch.

3) DayZ

DayZ, Bohemia Interactive’s multiplayer survival game, was the third most watched title on Lazar’s streams last year. The cult classic’s survival game spent over 431 hours in stream, which accounts for about 10.5% of its total stream time for the year. Lazar’s DayZ streams averaged approximately 19,746 viewers per stream, with a maximum concurrent viewership of 34,679 users.

One of the most popular clips of 2022 showed him accidentally bumping into fellow streamer and friend Poke. The light-hearted moment during the fight has been viewed over 290,000 times and is the most watched clip of the year.

2) rust

Arguably the least exciting title of Summit1G’s most-played games, Facepunch Studios’ multiplayer survivor Rust had the fewest viewers on average given the number of hours the game was streamed live.

Summit1G played Rust for 631 hours in stream, which is 15.3% of his total stream time, and it was one of only three titles to achieve a double-digit percentage of total stream time. As mentioned above, an average of just 13,171 viewers tuned in to see Lazar Rust, with a peak of 25,805 concurrent viewers, the lowest on this list.

1) Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Studios’ long-running title, Grand Theft Auto V, was the most-played game on Summit1G’s streams. Lazar streamed 680 hours exclusively on the GTA V multiplayer roleplaying servers, which accounted for 16.5% of his total stream time for the year.

Being the most popular title on stream, every time he signed up to play GTA V, people turned up in droves year after year.


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